The best pages to download music online

Many people when doing their daily activities feel better or tend to be more efficient while listening to music either with their Smartphone or sound equipment. However, not many know how to have songs for free from their phone, so below we will show you some sites to download music online.

The Internet has opened the doors to a huge number of pages that make our day to day easier, thanks to it platforms have been created to download all kinds of multimedia content. However, downloading from these pages is outside the legal scope, however, due to their efficiency they are used worldwide.

The best sites to download free music

free music download sites

Music is the most comforting thing for any type of moment, thanks to the wide variety of musical genres we can say that there are songs for every emotion we feel. Therefore, below, we will make your search for songs easier by showing you the best sites to download songs for free.

It is one of the oldest music download pages, and it has a huge variety of music, however, it does not have as many songs as the other pages. But, despite this, it has an extensive catalog of different categories, you can access it from their website

This page has made an innovative dynamic between the download pages, because allows musicians, radio stations and brands to create their own playlists. In addition to the fact that users can also create their own lists and share them with others, for this you only have to enter

Also, this platform allows you to download songs and playlists for free to all users without registration.

Amazon MP3

We all know Amazon as one of the most used sales pages in the world, and with millions of users who buy products on it. However, not many know that also offers music, selling everything from albums to single songs.

What they haven't noticed much is that, Amazon MP3 offers free music on its platformYou may not find as much variety as you pay, but you will certainly find good music there.

Internet Archive

As the name implies, Internet Archive is a huge internet archive, where You can not only download music online and free, but also offers thousands of photos, videos, software and books.. From it, you can also find the audio sections that include podcasts, audiobooks, and even live music.


Despite being a strict page regarding its policies for the use of the music you download on it, if it is only for personal use It will be very easy for you to find songs that you want to listen to.

Like most music download pages, it has a paid and a free option, however, if the music you download is for a public project you should always remember to give credits to the authors. Similarly, with the use of music you download from HookSounds You will not be able to carry out projects that involve monetization.

Pages to download music from YouTube online

download music from youtube

Perhaps the pages that we have mentioned before do not have the songs you are looking for or the albums of your favorite artists, however, from YouTube you can find any song. Therefore, below, we will show you some Pages where you can download music from YouTube for free:

This platform allows you to convert videos from YouTube, Facebook, or Dailymotion just by copying the link, and you can download videos in any format, from Mp3, Mp4WMV, up to FLV and more.

you just have to enter the platform and paste the link of the video or song you want to download, the format you want and that's it.


Like the previous one, ClipConverter offers you an easy way to download YouTube videos whenever you want, and in the format you want, just by copying the link. Also, the platform gives you the option to edit the videos you are downloading and more.

Learn to download the music of your choice for free

There are many more pages with which you can download all the music you want with just one click, and from the comfort of your PC or computer. Just by downloading the music you want from any of these pages you can enjoy all your songs without the need for an internet connection.

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