The best alternatives to Latelete TV to watch free television

Thanks to the wide variety of tools that we find on the internet, we can access the content offered by television channels and watch it on any mobile device, without having to resort to a television. One of the best options was Latelete TVwhere all kinds of channels could be accessed for free, including paid channels.

Unfortunately, Latelete TV is closed since it violated copyright, so its domain has had to be removed. Nevertheless, there are other alternatives that you can use to watch your favorite programs. We will tell you how you can enter these alternatives and enjoy their content.

What is Late TV?

Society is constantly evolving thanks to technological advances, which increase more and more along with the new ideas and needs that are developing.

This is applicable in all areas, since it always seeks to provide the greatest possible comfort. Latelete TV is born from this evolution in the entertainment area, with the appearance of streaming services, this page was created with the purpose of being able to access movies and TV shows whenever you want and on the device of your choice.

In 2017 this website reached a great boom, positioning among the 5 pages to see online tv more views, thanks to the wide variety of content offered together with a nice and original appearance.

Latelete TV closes its operation

Without a doubt, Latelete TV was one of the best options to access free content on the internet, offering more than 110 channels Spanish, including free channels as well as exclusive content. It had sports channels, movies, series and more, all in one place and in high quality.

The operation of this page consisted of offering all this content for free while monetizing with the advertising that you saw when entering. This means that it did not comply with copyright and this is the reason why it closes after years of validity.

List of the best alternatives to LaTele TV

Now that this portal has had to close, one of the most popular and complete sites to watch television content on the Internet, you're probably wondering what your options are to keep watching your favorite shows. All is not lost, as there are other sites where you can access quality content.

For this we are going to show you what are the alternatives you can access now that Latelete TV has closed. On the internet there is a large number of options to enjoy varied and entertaining content, in all this range of possibilities the pages that we point out below stand out.

The best alternatives are those that They are not only characterized by the number of programs they offerbut also take into consideration aspects such as security (to avoid encountering any malware) and also distribute content legally so as not to violate copyright laws.

In our search we have considered these details and we have listed the best results:


This is a service developed by Mediaset España with which you can access the content of the Telecinco channels: Cuatro, FdF, La Siete, Be Mad, Energy, Divinity and Boing. This platform is an interesting alternative to Latelete TV since it also allows you to watch live television, although it has other more different functions.

television channels mitele is

It is an excellent option to watch different channels from the computer or using the mobile, and in a legal way. Also, you can watch old shows for freeyou will only need to access the website and choose the programming you want to see.

Here you can watch movies, sports, series, documentaries, TV movies, news programs and more. To more effectively enjoy the benefits offered by Mitele, we recommend that you register using your email or Facebook account, so that being able to create a list of the content you want to see, apply parental controls, bookmark your favorites and more.

In addition, it has a version called Mitele Plus in which you pay a subscription to be able to access exclusive content and totally free of interruptions.



It can be said that this platform is the most similar to Latelete TV. It has a simple and friendly interface in which you can easily navigateyou will find a wide catalog of series and movies that you can watch in streaming and in HD quality.

This platform stands out for being one of the simplest and most complete since it has a wide variety of content in different languages ​​and categories.

In addition, another of the characteristic points of this page is that you will find Netflix content for free. You can access this platform by entering

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Like Latelete TV, this page has a wide catalog of options with more than 1000 television channels from all over the world What can you visit. In addition, it also incorporates radio stations to offer you even more variety.

All content is organized into categories and In addition, its simple design makes it extremely easy to discover the possibilities it offers you.also change category whenever you want.

When selecting the channel you want to watch, several options will be displayed for you to choose if you want to access the live broadcast from the official site or from the

Also, you will be able to adjust the playback characteristics according to your preference, such as the image quality, the volume, if you want to see it in full screen and more.



This option is one of the best alternatives to Latelete TV since it allows you to access hundreds of channels through a comfortable and friendly platform, with a lot of variety and without ads. Teleonline's interface is fast and offers all the channels in one place, so you don't have to jump between pages to see everything you want.

One of the biggest draws of this site is its fast and ad-free interface. When you enter the page, you have hundreds of options organized by categories in a catalog which includes Spanish, international, thematic, sports, leisure and more channels.

One detail that you must take into account is that here you will only be able to find free access channels, that is, you will not see paid channels on this website. This detail may be unfavorable for some people, but you should not worry, this does not influence the wide variety offered by this platform where you can find channels from around the world.