Telegram What is it and how does it work?

In the first instance, this application is an essential tool to complement it with others of equal relevance such as; WhatsApp,Facebook,Instagram or any social network of your choice. Therefore, learning to identify how it works and what Telegram is will be useful to be able to use its resources.

Entering to use the app does not have any complexity, rather the way of download this messaging platform. Although it has only been in circulation for a few years, it supports the sending of different types of files and chats with users.

Without a doubt, I invite you to experience the use of its interface, as another means for online communication.

How to create an account on the Telegram platform?

Before explaining in depth how the platform works, you should start by creating an account on it. So this is the process you should go through:

  • First of all, you must enter the Telegram portal or, if necessary, enter the Store on your mobile to download the application.
  • Once downloaded to your PC or mobile, look for the company logo to access.
  • Now you must add your phone number that will be synchronized with the application. It is good to add a number that you use and have connected with a email, especially “Gmail”.
  • Later you will receive an authentication code on your mobile, add it or wait for it to take it automatically for a few seconds.
  • At this point you have your account created, the next thing is to add personal data such as your name, surname, profile picture and everything you think is necessary.

When carrying out the entire Telegram process, ask for the synchronization of your contacts, don't worry. It provides the income for you to start with a list of friends directly, here you can already use 100% of the platform.

Consider that the process is almost similar on a computer, so don't worry about that detail.

create telegram account

How is the Telegram program used?

Traditionally the people who enter this digital platform, they use it to carry recurring conversations with their friends, colleagues or family. It is very common to take it as a means to communicate with customers of a business.

All this is thanks to the fact that it has the resources to create a favorable dynamic among its users. For example, you have the possibility of creating group chats of up to 200,000 members, a resounding outrage unlike other instant messaging applications.

On the other hand, it is very safe to have private conversations. You can freely write practically what you want, it also has an interactive emoji list that allows you to have any conversation in a fun way, with the possibility of sending files such as photos, documents, location, music, contacts or videos.

Previously they were only the few applications capable of taking a call, however, with Telegram one of its features is calls to other people anywhere in the world.

Despite the fact that this network does not have as much demand until the moment of WhatsApp, where little by little the balance is balanced, it works as a storage system in the cloud.

That is, when you are a smart person and you do not have the time to send a file to the cloud, just sending it to Telegram is a very valid backup.

As a platform it is very viable, due to the possibility of personalization of each user. Depending on what you require, you can even indicate which person you want to see your availability status or last connection. A positive development that differs from WhatsApp, Skype or Signal is that you can use the app as a music player.

Although few know such functionality, you can create your own private group and send yourself a music list, when you click on it, the platform will indicate it as a playlist.

How to use the application in business?

Currently digital businesses have increased, that is why Telegram with the application of its channels is a very useful means of dissemination to provide valuable information in your business marketing plan. Emphasizing that you can also create groups with many people, generating a specific community aimed at your target customer.

Its functions allow you to generate an environment of continuous communication, helping others, it also allows you to be a means to close sales continuously.

Today, it can be used on all possible platforms, operating systems or mobile devices.

What is the difference between Telegram and WhatsApp?

differences telegram whatsapp

At this point it is good to highlight that the differences are many, however, it does not indicate that WhatsApp is not a good platform, depending on your objective or use, one or the other can serve you. Mentioned this detail, here its differences:

  • Custom settings.
  • Generate an alias in your profile.
  • Settings to delete messages after a certain time.
  • You have the ease of being able to chat by different teams simultaneously. It does not have the WhatsApp approach that, if you enter another mobile with your active number, the session of a phone is deleted.
  • The groups have a larger capacity, WhatsApp only has a capacity of 256 members.
  • It includes the facility to configure bots to interact with people.
  • There is a difference in the security and privacy aspect of the user in both platforms.

As you can see, it has quite a few differences, however, Telegram in a functional way in its operations is an application to be able to interact with a greater number of people. So I invite you to open your account, download the application and enjoy, even more so that you know what the Telegram platform is and how it works.

I hope that this analysis will be very useful to you, taking advantage of the opportunity to use another means of free instant messaging.

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