Strava Premium Free 2022 – Unlimited Subscription

Sport is one of the best things we can do and with technology It has only made things easier for us. That is why, in this article we will help you to achieve Free Strava Premium.

In case you don't know her, Strava is a platform created for athletes. Within it, people who have the same tastes, practice the same sports, share training routes and much more can interact.

Unlike others, because of its toolsthis application has a payment method that you can obtain at no cost with the alternatives that we will leave you below.

Before the methods to obtain Strava Premium freewe are going to talk a little about the social network and its characteristics.

What is Strava?

The name of this app comes from Swedish, since Strava it means "strive". With this characteristic name, the team behind the application has created a social network for all athletes around the world.

Although it does not have a huge number of users, it can still boast of big benefits for all its users. In addition to his social toolshas options that allow you to track workouts and a performance analysis.

Thanks to this, it is a platform that fulfills a double purpose, working to improve your physical capacity while sharing with others. As a result of this, interactions between users are encouraged, being able to share tips and methods that can make things easier when training.

Strava Features

For you to know a little more about the operation of Stravawe leave you with some of their features most remarkable.

track and analyze

  • It allows you to track and analyze the results of your performance
  • Make everything easy with the best app sports monitoring
  • Turn your phone into a sophisticated system for athletes
  • Compatible with Smart Watchesheart rate monitors and other GPS devices

share and connect

  • Connect with friends and share adventure
  • Through your feed, you can record races and training visible to your friends. In the same way, you can interact through comments and liking
  • Discover the clubsplaces dedicated to specific activities with members who share common tastes
  • Thanks to the option Beaconyou can share your location in real time, being of great help in an emergency
  • Isn't it enough for you to say you've done something? Add Photos and tell your friends all about the experience

find and compete

  • Find new routes and compete with the community
  • We present you the segmentspopular sections created by the community of Strava where you can test your skills with a qualification table that evaluates time
  • Do you want to find a new route? All users of Strava they constantly add new tours that you can take advantage of during your practices
  • Two filter options: popularity Y exercise; the first allows you to trace a personalized route and send it via GPS; the second shows you the routes most used by platform users

How to get Strava Premium for free?

Despite Strava It has a free registration and use, its Premium version is a great improvement that provides more attractive benefits. If you don't want to spend your money on it or just want to try it out to see if it's worth it, you can use some of the following methods to get Free Strava Premium.

Strava Premium APK Free 2022

free premium strava

Strava Premium APK either Strava Premium hack it is an unofficial version of the application for devices Android. Once installed, you can enjoy all the Premium benefits without having to pay a subscription.

To get this version of the app, just search on Google “download Strava Premium for free”, with what you will get several results of pages dedicated to the modified applications.

First of all, keep in mind that this method only works on devices with operating system Androidwell, if you want the computer version or on a iOS You will have to use another method.

Remember to activate the permissions of unknown sources on your device and read the opinions of the users referring to the version that you are going to download; On many occasions, these applications do not deliver what they promise.

Strava Premium APK

Free Strava Premium Accounts

In case you want to access Strava Premium from your computer or from a device with iOS, the free options are reduced. This is because the security barrier is a bit stricter and you will necessarily need a has a subscription.

However, there is nothing to worry about, because the team of TechnoGuides has a surprise for all its readers. If you have come this far, we want to thank you with a gift quite special.

In the table below, you can find the input data of counts Free Strava Premium. Using them, you will be able to access the premium benefits from the device of your choice.

Username Password Subscription
[email protected] 12967855 Strava Premium / 6 months
[email protected] YYx010203 Strava Premium / 1 month
[email protected] Jesus0922 Strava Premium / 12 months
[email protected] Yakimo55 Strava Premium / 3 months
[email protected] surf1000 Strava Premium / 3 months
June – 2022 : Updated minutes ago

Once you get in, make sure change password so that you can keep and use it personally. The list of accounts is updating regularlyso don't forget to stop by again.

Strava Premium Discount Coupons

Although the two previous methods are totally free, this one is not completely free, since it will only achieve save money. Of course, if you want to support the platform and contribute with a subscription, this is a highly recommended alternative.

In order to encourage users to subscribe to Strava Premiumthe administration of the platform gives its users discount codes in the subscription.

A Strava Premium promo code it can be easily found on the internet, within forums or on the official networks of the administration team. Then I will leave you a list with the most current coupons.

  • NKoct33
  • St44Ra
  • Send22tra
  • Stra2020
  • 5YUc369
  • 55TYxc
  • promo2021

You must remain attentive to these codes, because its duration is temporary And they expire in a matter of weeks.

Free Strava Premium promotion for one month

To finish the list, we have this totally legal and functional alternative, which consists of 30 Y 60 day Strava Premium trial.

These promotions are created by some sponsors sporting events, such as Polar Y Platoon. Their purpose is to make themselves known among users through their clubs on the platform.

As a result of this, they achieve associations with the administration of Stravaoffering new users the Premium version at no cost.

Of course, to activate the promotion you need a credit cardyou will not be charged any fee, but, it is needed to verify your identity.

Strava Premium, what is it?

Once exposed the methods to obtain Free Strava Premiumit is time to talk in depth about what it consists of and what its characteristics are.

Strava Premium is the paid version of the world's largest platform for athletes, which has a social aspect and tools to improve sports training.

Compared to the free version, Strava Premium It offers a series of unique features such as segment competitions, personalized training and the discovery of new routes.

Strava Premium Features

  • compete in segmentsevaluate your performance and share the result with your friends
  • measure your performance through data such as heart rate and power. make your own analysis or use any of the tools offered Strava Premium for something more professional
  • Record your physical condition and compare the training effect in your body
  • create your own objectives and strive to achieve them
  • Discover new routes wherever you go, accessing places discovered by other users
  • share routes made by you in the community of Strava
  • use the tool Beacon to have protection in case of emergency while sharing your location in real time

Strava Premium Price

The subscription cost of Strava Premium It is €7.99 per month. However, the team has most of the time an active promotion, reducing the cost to only €5 per month.


Strava Premium It is an excellent platform for all sports lovers, so we hope that with the help of this guide you can get the most out of it.

Do you like sports? Whom TechnoGuides You can find various articles related to them. Don't forget to visit the page guide to see eurosport free online.

Leave us your opinion in the comments Y keep browsing so that you are up to date with the world of technology, see you soon!

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