Qustodio Premium Free 2022 – All features included

With technology at everyone's fingertips, sometimes it can be dangerous to let the little ones have total freedom to navigate. That is why today we will teach you how to take care of children with qustodio premium free.

This application has different tools of Parental control, being able to restrict the content to which your children have access. In the same way, it also allows you to take a look at what he has been doing and how much time he has spent on it.

Although the app is free, its more advanced functions are blocked by a payment method. For that reason, here at TechnoGuides we are going to show you different methods about how to get Qustodio Premium for free. Let's go there!

What is Qustodio?

qustodio is an application that allows you to control and limit access to the different tools that an electronic device brings with it. Electronic device? Yes! Qustodio is not only available on mobile phones, but also on tablets and computers that have:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android
  • iOS
  • chrome book
  • Kindle

Without a doubt, this is the easiest way to monitor the activity of your children on the internet, greatly simplifying the task of being a parent.

Features of Qustodio

  • Blocks inappropriate content: Thanks to its navigation filtersyour child will not have access to any kind of inappropriate content. This also includes private browsing
  • Put a set time: Set a time limit use time of the devices
  • Manage games and apps: Qustodio allows you lock games and apps you don't want your child to use or limit the time they can do it
  • Stay tuned to social networks: Manage the time of the different social networks as FacebookTwitter, Youtube, Instagram and more. Also, get all the information about your exercise within them
  • Control calls and messages: Full access to calls and messages, so you can block contacts not wanted
  • Family Locator: Discover the exact location of your child using GPS in real time

How to get Qustodio Premium for free?

As you can see, this cross-platform application is an excellent tool for parentsespecially for those who work and cannot give 100% of the time to their child.

If you want to have the best version of this app and enjoy all the features, join us in the following list of methods to obtain Free Premium Qustodio.

Qustodio Premium 14 days free

We open with a method 100% legal that gives us the same platform. From time to time a promotion is carried out so that new users are encouraged to try Qustodio, giving away 14 days Premium.

To take advantage of this offer you have to be attentive to social networks, forums and regularly visit the website, because that is where the official announcement.

You can go through this again article of TechnoGuidesbecause we will also be warning when the offer is available.

Free Qustodio Premium APK

Free Premium Qustodio

This alternative in this list of methods to have Free Premium Qustodium is available only for the version of Android. This means that both your child's device and yours must run under this operating system.

Why does it only work on Android? Well, what we are going to do to get the application is to download a file APKs. These files allow you to acquire modified or old versions of an application without having to go through the Play Store.

Among the modified features offered by APKs, we can find versions that will allow us to use Free Premium Qustodium. Next, we show you the steps to follow to download and install the file correctly:

  • Use your device's browser and search “Qustodio Premium APK”
  • Browse through the different results until you find the most recent version
  • Download the file and open it
  • If this is your first time installing such a file, a pop-up window will appear asking you to permissions to the browser to access it. Go to your mobile settings and do it
  • With permissions enabled, go back to downloads again and open the file
  • Click on continue and wait until the installation is finished
  • Repeat this on the your child's device
  • Clever! Now you only have to create an account to access all the benefits Free Premium Qustodio

Free Qustodio Premium Accounts

For all users with non-Android devices, the security measures become a bit stricter and getting Free Premium Qustodio it's a bit more complicated.

However, in TechnoGuides We have managed to overcome these barriers and we have a great gift for all our readers.

The following list of emails and passwords belong to accounts of Free Premium Qustodio. All you have to do is download the application on the device of your choice and use that data to enter.

Email Password Subscription
[email protected] 88 leek Qustodium Premium / 12 months
[email protected] 04051987 Qustodium Premium / 6 months
[email protected] Jose0400 Qustodium Premium / 1 month
[email protected] Beverly33 Qustodium Premium / 12 months
[email protected] Kilo55Vat Qustodium Premium / 1 month
Accounts Updated: June – 2022

When you manage to enter we recommend that you change the passwordthis with the purpose of preventing another user from using the same account.

no luck? Don't worry! The list will be constantly updatingso don't hesitate pass again here to try again.

Qustodio Premium Discount Codes

It is normal that within the companies that offer platforms with a payment method, they make discounts and offer coupons to their users. The famous “Qustodio Premium coupon” are codes or links that give us a discount when we sign up.

The codes that you will find in the following list are functional at the date of this article and grant a 15% discount in any of the plans.

  • 85tr OK
  • freeSecuQU
  • 004YOP
  • 2021JkEE
  • Discount22

Similar to the accounts in the previous section, we will do our best to to update this table regularly and have the latest coupons always active.

Qustodio Premium crack

The diversity of platforms that Qustodio is on gives way to a significant variety of options to achieve Free Premium Qustodium. In this section, we are going to talk about the version of pc.

Get one Qustodio Premium license it can be a bit expensive, so not everyone can afford one. To our luck in Windows we have programs called “cracks” or “activators”.

These programs give us the possibility of generating a Qustodio Premium Serial which will be useful for Qustodio to think that we have activated a license.

Be careful with the programs you install, as many users tend to hide malicious software. Yes you verify the reputation of the web and follow the advice of other members, you can be completely sure of what you do.

What are the advantages of Qustodio Premium?

Compared to its free version, here we can find a series of advantage more than attractive to parents. Let's see what it is:

  • Detailed reports: Complete reports about your child's activity on a daily or weekly basis
  • Porn Blocking: With an intelligent filter, access to content of this type is totally restricted
  • YouTube monitoring: Access your child's browsing and playback history, both on the mobile app and on the website
  • Panic button: Add an SOS button on your child's device that allows you to get their location in an emergency. Available only on Android
  • Monitor all your devices: Does your child use different devices? ¡Qustodium Premium covers them all for you!
  • Advanced Facebook Control: See what he posts, the photos his friends upload and information about the events he plans to attend
  • Priority within support: Faster and more efficient responses with personalized attention.

Qustodio Premium price

Qustodio Premium currently has 3 plans, raised according to the size of the family. The price of these plans is for your monthly subscription and are as follows:

Qustodio Free Premium Subscriptions

small plan

Its price is €46.40what it means €3.90 monthly. It is designed for small families and provides protection to 5 devices.

medium plan

€81.85 suppose €6.80 a month. This is the best-selling plan among users and is aimed at most families, protecting up to 10 devices.

big plan

By €116.50which would be some €9.70 per month, you get protection for 15 devices.


That has been all, we hope that our guide to Free Premium Qustodium be useful to you or someone you know. Remember to visit us again to get new accounts Y discount codes.

If you liked it, here at TechnoGuides we have much more content that you can explore, that teaches you to locate your children without them knowing. Keep browsing our portal and leave your opinion below, see you later!

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