Pordede has closed: The best alternatives of 2022

If you have ever searched for series or movies to watch online or download, you will surely have come across the famous pordede portal. This site was for many years one of the leaders in the world of free streaming, thanks to its content and functionality. But What happened to Pordede and what alternatives to use? Continue reading!

the sites to see free movies and series they often suffer the same fate, which is to disappear from the internet or be blocked by national authorities. This is because these pages do not have the rights to the content they transmit, which brings as consequence sanctions by the authorities.

In addition, these sites often monetize their content by making use of advertisement, which can become intrusive. For this reason, many users usually report these sites, even more so if they present failures or their content is malicious.

Now if you're thinking What are the best alternatives to Pordede? You have reached the right place. Next, you will know the best sites to watch and download series, movies, documentaries, in a safe.

Has Pordede closed permanently?

The truth is that Pordede became one of the places to watch movies largest and most popular of all internet. However, over the years this site had to face great obstacles, which led to changing the name of the site.

In 2017, Pordede was working normally and it was a very visited daily by thousands of users. But, during this year the site reported that its databases had been hacked and user safety was at risk.

For this reason, the owners of the site have no choice but to close bycreating a clone with the name of Plusdede, which was identical to the previous portal and worked correctly. However, this site lasted only one year online, when in 2018 they announced its definitive closure. But is this the end?

No, just days after announcing on plusdede closure announced the launch of Megadede. This site provided users with movies and series keeping the essence of its ancestor Pordede, but like its predecessors, Megadede announced its closing in September 2020.

Now in 2021 the administrators have announced the new substitute for Megadedenamed playdede. This has excited the fans of this site, as it houses the best quality and security, but nothing ensures that this new version last a long time online.

List of Best Alternatives to Pordede in 2022

Do you want to enjoy the best premieres in maximum quality? Next, we will leave you a list of the best sites to watch series and movies online, which are an excellent alternative to iconic Pordede site.

Popcorn Time

popcorn time

One of the best and most popular alternatives to Pordede is Porcon Time. This site has earned the trust of users thanks to its quality content and secure downloads. However, this website contains advertisement which can become intrusive.

Since its launch this website has faced various problems, but its administrators have managed to keep the site running today. Now, this is not a "web page" as such, it is a app which must be installed on Windows, Android or Mac.

Popcorn Time works as a multi platform, which works with the peer to peer network. In this sense, use torrent files to view any movie, without downloading it.

Best of all, this app is totally freebut it may present legal problems in the future, like most of the sites that violate DMCA laws.


dix max

Another of the best known alternatives to Pordede is dix max, a site that offers quality content, which provides a very pleasant user experience. In order to access the extensive catalog offered by DixMax, You must download the DixMax app for Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, Android tv.

On this site you can find movies, series, cartoons, documentaries, etc. Also, you can use filters for searching specific. Don't worry about not knowing how to navigate this app as it is quite easy to understand.

You can also add those series or movies that you like and add it to a favorites list, so you can always have them at hand. Undoubtedly, a high-quality alternative to Pordede, totally free.



Another of the sites that have emerged as alternative to big sites like Pordede is Megadede.la, a website with a very clean interface which contains all the recent movies and series and also those classics of the film worldwhich will give you a complete experience.

In addition, the site has various options that provide the opportunity to search content by gender, year, country, initial, etc. You can also quickly access the most relevant information about a flim, such as the director, cast, rating and synopsis.

In case you want to contribute to the Megadede community You can do this by registering on the platform, which will allow you to leave comments and share opinions with other viewers. However, this site not only allows you to see online contentbut you can also download files safely.



This is a site that describes itself as a Spanish version from the popular Popcorn Time site, so it focuses on the movie downloads and series. Now, this site only shares content in Spanish.

Currently, this site has more than 7,000 movies and series available in Spanish, so you can enjoy your series or movies in high quality, without having to search in a huge list of links.

Just like Pocon Time this is an app you must settle on mobile, Tablet or computer. It works through a torrent system, which allows users to choose the quality and type of content what do you want to watch.

It should be noted that this site has 3d movieswhich can be seen through Android TV or on the PC.


cat series

If what you are looking for is to watch or download complete series totally free, surely SeriesGato is a site that will interest you. Since 2019 SeriesCat has become known for being one of the best sites to see and find any series of the moment.

In addition, this site has an interface very easy to use, which does not require prior registration to access all content. It should be noted that, unlike other series and movie sites, SeriesGato contains very few commercials.

Also, you can find content of all kinds ranging from documentaries to adult content. Also, this platform recommends those similar series and movies which you have seen recently.



another one of the best alternatives to Pordede is HDFULL, a site dedicated to streaming and downloading movies, series, anime, cartoons, etc. Also, if you are looking for any series or movie, this site has several options that allow you to to filter information to find the movie you are looking for.

If you are a lover of film world you can make use of the IMDB ranking offered by this website. In this way, you can be aware of the movies top rated from the actuality.

Also, you can find a file with all the content available in Spanish and English, so you can choose which one to use. Without a doubt, one excellent alternative to Pordede which is still available.

Other ways to watch movies and series for free

Today more and more users are looking for watch movies, series or videos from other alternate channels to web pages. This is mainly because most users complain about excessive advertisement that have the web pages of movies and series.

However, there are various means to access this content no need to go to a website. Which?

Telegram: This is one of the best options to watch movies or series no need to pay and endure annoying ads. In addition, this mode is very safe to access this content, avoiding any viruses or malware.

GoogleDrive: Via google drive direct links to the video playback cloud can be shared. However, finding a site that share these links can be somewhat difficult to achieve.

In conclusion, there are hundreds of alternatives to Pordede which you can access for free or in some cases, paying a subscription. It is up to you which of these sites suits your needs. tastes and needsso you can start watching movies or series without problems

It should be noted that most of the sites of free movies and series They tend to disappear over time, so nothing assures us that they will continue to work in the future. If you liked this article, we recommend going through alternatives to DivxTotal. Do not miss it!

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