iPhone Emoji & iOS Emoji Keyboard APK Premium (Android)

Users of Android have to deal with a problem related to their emojiWell, these look a bit ugly. Luckily for everyone, today we are going to tell you how to get hold of iPhone emoji keyboard APK and use the iOS emoji.

By using this app, you can get hold of best emoji and more varied, leaving aside the designs that are on Android.

In case you are interested, we are also going to comment on how to activate this keyboard on iOSbecause in some devices this option is disabled and we will have to configure it to appear.

What is the iPhone Emoji & IOS keyboard for?

It is an application that replaces the usual keyboard of emoji on android for one of iOS. Through this, we will have access to better designed emojis, in higher quality and with some exclusive ones that are not found natively in the operating system.

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The iPhone emoji keyboard for Android has gained popularity among many users, seeing it as a better option than other emoji packs such as those included in fouad whatsapp.

In addition to this, it is a very light application, presenting excellent performance and easy access for low-end devices.

Main features of iPhone emoji keyboard APK

  • exclusive collection of custom iPhone emoji
  • More than 10,000 themes between colors, backgrounds and fonts
  • emoji keyboard completely revamped, featuring better performance on low-end devices
  • More of 3700 emoji to use in WhatsApp, mobile messaging, Facebook, Instagram and many other applications
  • new emoticons
  • personalize your iPhone emoji keyboard APK with custom emoji icons. Choose between different designs and keep the ones you like the most
  • Compatible with all cell phone brands and does not require the use of VPN
  • You can share the application with your friends quickly, also allowing the transfer of configurations

Download APK iPhone Emoji Keyboard & IOS Emoji

app name iPhone Emoji & IOS Emoji Apk Keyboard
Size 17.92MB
Last version 7.2
required version 4.4+
Price Free
Gender Tools
developer Vivi Ai Labs
Updated Today June 2022

make us with him iOS emoji keyboard for Android It is very simple, because we will use an APK. Certainly, there are some alternatives within the Play Store to add iPhone emoji keyboardbut, they are not very good.

Because of this, we invite you to try one of the applications available on APK download sites.

In case you don't know, a file APKs consists of a installation package for Android devices. Through these, we will be able to install applications without having to go through an official store, offering more varied content and unofficial modifications.

iphone emoji keyboard for android apk

Already explained what the file that we are going to download consists of, this is what we must do:

  • Download “iPhone Emoji & IOS Emoji Keyboard APK” from TecnoGuides.
  • While you wait for the download, go to your device settings and check the box “Allow unknown sources”. This option disables the protection of external applications, which cannot be installed while the box is unchecked
  • Open the file, click on “Install” and wait
  • Perfect! You know how to install iphone emoji keyboard and you can enjoy them in all the applications of your device

Install Emoji Keyboard iPhone & iOS Emoji Premium for Android

Download the iPhone emoji keyboard APK and its subsequent installation are just the beginning for the correct use of the app. Once you have the application ready, you will have to add iphone emoji keyboard as follows:

  • Click on the application icon from the home screen
  • Select the emojis and choose a personalized theme for your keyboard
  • Tap on the app settings and activate the permissions for modify the keyboard android
  • Well done! From now on, when you open the emoji keyboard as usual, you should see the iOS layouts. If you have any problems, tap on your keyboard settings and select the app again to make the changes

iPhone emoji keyboard for Android phones

Although we are able to install iPhone emoji keyboard APKthere is no way to take advantage of all the benefits that the original app for iOS enjoys.

If you have an iPhone device and would like to know how to get the most out of this great feature, stay with us. We will start with the simplest and little by little we will see some functions that are a little more hidden. Are you ready? Let's go!

Add an emoji

The first thing we must do is get an application that is compatible with the device's keyboard. Mail, messages and WhatsApp are some of them, being able to use emojis in the following way:

  • Click on the text field to write and then the emoji button or the balloon to change the keyboard
  • Using the gray icons at the bottom, you can change the emoji themes. You can also scroll between sections by swiping the screen
  • The clock icon allows you to access recently used emojis
  • Some emojis allow change its color if you hold them down
  • Finally, tap on the emoji you want to add and it will automatically be added to the text you are writing

Replace words with emoji

This function is also available in the iPhone emoji keyboard APK, as it is very useful for most users. Here's how to use it:

  • Open the app where you want to write and start writing normally
  • When you have written your message, tap on the emoji icon to change the keyboard
  • After a few seconds, some related words will stand out in orange
  • Tap on any of the orange words to replace it with an emoji. In case there are several matches, you can make a quick selection of the best emoji
  • You can also do the opposite from the same function, returning the words to where they were or substituting emojis with words

predictive emoji

The last function we will talk about is very similar to predictive text of most keyboards. In a similar way to this, we can improve the results as we use it.

Since it is activated by default, we only have to:

  • When you start typing, you'll have suggestions for words and emojis alike
  • Tap on one of the emojis to add it to the text directly
  • If you don't like this option, you can disable it from your keyboard settings

Is it advisable to download iPhone emoji keyboard APK?

As you may have noticed, the download process is very fast and simple, offering a highly recommended quality application.

By sharing several of the features that the original app has for iOS devices, we will be able to use emojis in a better way. Likewise, we will enjoy better designed emojis and that we can see in all the compatible apps.

It is normal that many do not like the emojis on their devices, but with this application, that will no longer be a problem.

And you, what do you think about Android emojis? Do you like them or do you prefer to use an alternative keyboard to replace them? Leave us your opinion in the comments section!

Remember to keep browsing here on TechnoGuides for other tutorials, where we teach you how to get the most out of the most popular apps. See you soon!

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