How to know if you have been blocked on instagram

If you have noticed that a person's instagram posts no longer appear, it may mean that you have been blocked or perhaps they deleted their account. If you want to solve this doubt, you will ask yourself how to know if you have been blocked on instagram since you will not receive any notification and although you cannot access their publications, there may be some signals on the platform that can confuse you.

When a person blocks you, you can't see his posts, comments, or send him direct messages. However, in some cases you may still be able to find the user who blocked you if you had a conversation with them or if the block is recent.

How to know if someone has blocked me on instagram?

On instagram certainly there is no clear way to know if you have been blocked, but there are certain indicators that you can identify to detect if you have been blocked by a person.

When an account is deleted or deactivated, just like when someone blocks you, their instagram photos cannot be accessed, so we must review the details so as not to confuse us.

Use the search engine

The first thing you can do is place the user in the search engine and check if it appears in your search. If the person you are looking for does not appear in the results, it may mean that they have their private account and have actually blocked you, or on the contrary he may have simply deactivated his profile.

how to know if you have been blocked using the instagram search engine

In case the user has his account public then it will appear in the search but when opening the profile you will not be able to see his photo, in addition to your posts, followed accounts and followers will appear at zero. With this you could deduce that you have indeed been blocked.

Also you can get the user through comments or tags in other publications, and if he has blocked you then you will find yourself as in the previous case, in which the profile will not show information and you will not see the option to follow him.

Check your direct messages

Another detail that could help you know if you have been blocked is direct messages. If someone has blocked you, you won't have the option to write directly to them, so if you go to the messages section and use the search engine you don't find their account, you may have been blocked.

However, when an account is deactivated, in the same way it will not be possible to send messagesso although this may be an indication, again it may mean that the user has decided to withdraw from the platform.

Sign in from the instagram website

Although you can use your account to search for the user you suspect has blocked you, it is not the most accurate way to answer your question. For this reason, we recommend that you access directly from the web of instagram without using your account. For this you must close the instagram session in the browser or you can enter in incognito mode.

instagram web know if i have been blocked

Enter the instagram web page and at the end add the name of the profile you want to consult, that is: If by doing this it shows you the profile with all the information but when you search for it from your account you don't get it, You will be sure that this person has blocked you.

In case you do not remember the username, then you should ask for help from someone who has an instagram account and allows you to use it to verify if it appears from this account and yours does not.

Check if you have been blocked on Instagram

If you have stopped seeing the publications of a profile, it is normal for you to wonder if you have been blocked, so it is important to have this information so that learn to recognize possible signs of this and to differentiate it from when an account has disappeared.

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