How to have LinkedIn Premium Free 2022

The advancement of technology can be seen even in the job search. With the rise of LinkedIn A couple of years ago, virtual jobs have grown in abundance. would you like to get Free LinkedIn Premium? We show you how!

Unless you have been living under a rock, it is almost impossible for you not to know LinkedIna platform through which you can apply for and offer jobs between users and companies.

To enjoy all the tools and benefits you will need to pay the premium version, but, with this guide you can get it at no cost. Let's get started!

What is LinkedIn?

More than 260 million of active users in more than 200 countries of the world, is a social network used by trained professionals.

Both ordinary users and companies can create your profiles to find jobs. These profiles work as a resumehaving a varied series of fields to fill in with information about your abilities and Professional skills.

The platform is focused on forge professional relationships and commercial, giving space to companies and users alike.

LinkedIn also has a social aspectallowing users to post images and other members to interact with them.

LinkedIn Features

  • Let the right people know you're looking for a job: “Open To Work” is an option that will give you visibility among the companies that were looking for new members for their staff
  • Conversations Today, Opportunities Tomorrow: Send messages to other users to strengthen the relationship and reach agreements
  • Stay up to date in your sector: Direct, stories, newscasts, the platform offers you many options to to be up to date with everything related to the work of your choice
  • Connect with members who can help you
  • Get the professional skills most requested within your field of work

How to get LinkedIn Premium for free?

Although the basic version of LinkedIn allows you to use the platform for free, the paid subscription has a number of tools and features that will make it easier to find a job.

It is normal that you are not interested in paying or that you do not have the resources to do so, and that is precisely why we will teach you how to get LinkedIn Premium for free.

All the methods that we will see below are functional, some more than others. Likewise, a few are just for save money and not free as such. With all this cleared up, here we go!

Try LinkedIn Premium free for 1 month

try linkedin for free

The last method that we present to you is official from LinkedIn and will allow you to get a free premium subscription for a limited time.

The Steps that you must follow are the following:

  • Enter the official page from your browser and create a new account
  • Click on the icon "Me" at the top of the web
  • click on “Settings and privacy” and then in “Account Preferences”
  • Now under “Subscriptions and payments”press on "Change"beside “Premium Subscription”
  • Choose the plan what you wish
  • Follow the steps which indicates the page
  • Clever!

Note: This function is restricted to one use every 12 months.

From this moment on, you will have a trial month for everything it offers LinkedIn Premium. You should consider that a credit card is necessary to verify your information and that you must unsubscribe before the trial expires.

Otherwise, the amount of the next month of your card.

Download LinkedIn Premium Mod APK

LinkedIn premium free

How could it be otherwise, we will open the list with one of the methods to have Free LinkedIn Premium easier to use. Please note that this option is only available for operating system users Android.

install a APKs is something very simple and that can give you access to hundreds of Unique features of the same application. What you must do to carry out this method is:

  • Open the browser on your cell phone and search “LinkedIn Premium APK”
  • Search through the pages to get the latest version of the modified app
  • Download the APKs
  • If it is the first time that you install this type of files, a message will appear on the screen requesting permissions. Accede to setting and activate the unknown sources to be able to continue
  • Now go to your downloads and open the file
  • Press continue and finish install the app
  • Clever! The only thing left is register inside the application to start using it in its Premium version thanks to this APK
Download LinkedIn Premium Mod APK

There is a detail that you must take into account: the reputation of the site. Many of the pages that publish apk apps they often lie about features and only have malicious software.

How can you avoid this? Simple, read the user reviews and do some research in forums about the prestige of the web among the members of the community.

LinkedIn Premium Accounts Free username and password

Leaving aside the modified applications that only work for Android, the security bar of the other versions of LinkedIn It is a bit more complex to overcome.

Even so, there is still an easy way to access it and it is through a account already created have a subscription. Where can I get this from? you may ask.

Well, in this article TechnoGuides we have a surprise for all readers, Free LinkedIn Premium Accounts!

The following list has maila password and a period of time that indicates how long the subscription to the premium plan.

User Password Premium
[email protected] jmaria192 3 months
[email protected] magomez12 3 months
[email protected] qweiop2 1 year
[email protected] carlux2022 5 months
[email protected] bam831 3 months
[email protected] calerojm 1 year
[email protected] 5 months
[email protected] premium1um 2 months

We recommend that once inside, change the password so that another user does not use the same account as you. In this way, you will have all the tools at your disposal and you will be able to personalize your professional profile as you wish.

If for some reason the account does not work, you can check in later to this same guide, because our work team will be adding new on a regular basis.

Free coupons for LinkedIn Premium

This alternative is focused on paying less for the use of LinkedIn Premium, since it is not free at all. However, the amount you are going to save is significant, more specifically, up to a fifty%.

Here's some code we've collected that might work:

  • LINKEDIN2022

The following promotional codes They perform various functions within the site, such as:

  • discounts on the premium subscription
  • Time of one month trial of LinkedIn Premium
  • Reduction of prices in the products sponsored by LinkedIn Ads
  • free shipping of the products of LinkedIn Ads
  • Free subscription for a limited time to LinkedInLearning

It is important to note that the discount coupons they have a Date of Expiryso in the same way as the accounts, we will be updating them once they stop working.

What is LinkedIn Premium?

You already know the alternatives to obtain Free LinkedIn Premiumso it's time to see the benefits that this subscription offers you.

The best Advantages of LinkedIn Premiumare:

  • Send Inmails: Inmails are in essence, private messages. Said messages can be sent to any user of the platform that is not grade I
  • Profile Visits: Gives you access to the list of users who have visited your profile on the last 90 days; the free version is limited to 5 days
  • Advanced search: Makes filtered searches by keywords, company size, sector, educational level, etc. This is especially useful for business accounts when search for new employees
  • Learn more about your new company: LinkedIn Premium gives you access to the keywords and search criteria with which they found your profile. Thanks to this, you will be able to get an idea of ​​what they request in the job

Can LinkedIn Premium be canceled?

Unsubscribe from LinkedIn Premium is an option available within the platform, for this you must:

  • click on "Me" on the home page
  • In the menu, select the option “Access My Premium”
  • Now go to “Manage Premium Account”
  • within the section “Manage Subscription”select the option "Cancel subscription"
  • Done! You LinkedIn Premium subscription will have been deactivated successfully

LinkedIn Premium: price and plans

LinkedIn as a platform, it offers different plans focused on various professional fields. Each of them has its own tools and a different price.

More specifically, we are talking about 4 subscription planswhich are:

  • Jobs: Recommended for basic users who are looking for work. It allows you to highlight your profile, contact companies and learn new skills. Its price is €29.98 per month
  • Companies: Focused on the heads of companies or small businesses that seek to grow. It helps you connect with the right people and promote the business in question. You can hire this plan for €44.99 per month
  • Sales: This plan is dedicated to Service providers, giving them tools to connect with potential customers, learn about communication, and help build a relationship of trust. Cost €59.99 per month
  • Hiring: The latest plan is the best for all companies looking for well-qualified workers. Thanks to an advanced search, you will be able to find the best possible staff. Hiring him has a price of €89.99 per month


With this we are done. We hope that our guide on Free LinkedIn Premium It will help you to find a job or new employees. This platform is one of the best creations for the professional contact and enjoy of premium free makes her especially attractive.

If you liked it, we invite you to keep browsing on TechnoGuides, where you can find more similar articles. In this other guide, we teach you how to have wallapop pro freea site specializing in the sale of second hand items.

Thanks for making it to the end. continue browsing Y Tell us What did you think in the comments section, see you later!

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