How to have Happn Premium Free 2022

Interact with others and try get a partner It is something that over time has become easier and easier. Thanks to different technological tools, meeting your better half can be easier than expected. For this reason, here we will show you the advantages of using happn premium free.

In case you don't know her, happn is an application for mobile devices that allows you to find people you meet on the street. It may not be as popular as other alternatives like Tinderbut, its performance is just as good.

If you are interested in acquiring the best version of this application for free and knowing all the advantage it offers, keep reading to the end!

What is Happn?

happn born as an application “social search” for mobile devices in 2014. Currently, it has more than 100 million subscribers around the world and is one of the most used dating applications.

Its operation is very simple. When you meet another user on the street who also has happn either Happn Premium, your profile will appear in the app. Then, you can give a secret like and the person will only know if the answer is reciprocal.

Don't want to wait for a like? In that case, you can make use of FlashNote. This function allows the user to send a message to the person before having a crush (This is what a user who has reciprocated your like is called).

If your words have achieved their goal, now you will have a crush. From here, you can chat or do video calls with your flirt

Use and download happn It is free, however, it has a mode Premium which offers great advantages.

Happn Features

  • It is one of the dating apps most used worldwide, also having a considerable user base
  • Its use is intuitive and unique, creating a dynamic different from the ones used in these applications
  • Prioritize above all things user privacy and your information. What is shown on your profile is chosen by you and transit routes cannot be seen by others
  • The free version of happn is not so limited, providing options that are usually mandatory payment
  • Everything is based on reciprocity and, in case there is not, you will not have to worry, since the other person will not know it.

Methods to Get Happn Premium Free 2022

Next, we are going to present some alternatives so that you can enjoy the Premium benefits of Happn at no cost. We recommend that you try several methods and choose the one that suits you best.

Free Happn Premium APK

Clearly, happn Despite being a free app, it has a payment model that provides unique benefits for all those who dare to pay a monthly subscription.

By searching the internet, it is possible to get a modified version of the application and enjoy all the premium advantages for free.

Happn APK Premium Free

Remember that to install Happn Premium APK You need to authorize the installation of unknown sources on your mobile; You can get this in the settings section and it will not take you more than a couple of minutes.

Of course, be careful what you download, because many people hide malicious software which can damage your device. For greater security, review comments and opinions on the APKs outside the download site or ask in a forum.

Download Happn APK Free

Application information

Application name: Happn Premium APK
Characteristic: Take advantage of all the advantages offered by Happn Premium for free
Platform: Android
Weight: 30MB
root permissions: Nope
Updated: 6-11-2021
Version: 25.36.0
Source: Official Happn

Get free Happn credits

happn It has its own currency within the application, thanks to which you can buy a premium month, FlashNotes and even extra video calls. For get credits Within the application, we have different methods, which we will see below.

Buy credits

Although this option is not free as such, it is important to mention it since it is the one that will reward us the most. happn In the same way that it allows you to pay for a monthly subscription, you have the option of buy credits inside the app.

These credits have a fixed price and are usually added some offers from time to time. Remember to be aware of these promotions so you can save money.

complete the missions

The happn credits They are also used to reward their users for various tasks. This reward system includes quests like invite friends through a referral link, follow the social networks of the app and link your facebook account.

Although the rewards are low, if you save little by little, you can enjoy Happn Premium completely free of charge.

Use the app

If you are a good user, happn will let you know giving you credits from time to time. One of the ways to achieve this is thanks to the likes they give you, which will give you a small amount to spend on whatever you want.

make a review

To give more visibility to the application, it is necessary that it is well positioned and with many reviews. For this reason, if you enter the Play Store either app store and leave one positive reviewyou will receive some credits.

Spend your credits!

Finally, we have the opportunity to get more credits if we spend what we already have. It is recommended to use this function when you already have in mind what you want to buy.

For every purchase you make with credits, you'll be awarded some extras so you can save again and get features of Happn Premium on another occasion.

Free Happn Premium Accounts 2022

As a last resort to acquire Happn Premium, you can choose to use a previously created account that has a subscription. Therefore, below we will leave you a list with username and password of new Happn Premium accountswhich you can access.

Username Password Subscription
[email protected] 877tyu8 Premium / 1 month
[email protected] K5yy9Eus Premium / 1 year
[email protected] h4488UYx Premium / 6 months
[email protected] 09Ke3rs Premium / 1 month
[email protected] Dani2007 Premium for / 3 months
June / 2022 : Updated 6 hours ago

Thanks to this option you can save money and get a subscription, credits or bonuses completely free of charge. What's more, we update periodically this list, to provide you with fully functional accounts.

Advantages of Happn Premium

prior to getting Free Happn Premiumit is important that you know about the benefits that you will have within the application, such as:

  • completely eliminates the advertisingso you can browse the app without any distraction
  • receive up to 10 Flash Notes a day, so you can interact with different users at the same time
  • Access to people list who have given you like, eliminating the secret factor and being able to choose who you want to find again
  • stealth modeto hide your profile for a while
  • Back up if you want revisit a profile What did you inadvertently omit?
  • get 5 video calls free

If this is not enough for you, you should know that developers are constantly adding new features to Happn Premium. So with each update, you can enjoy many more benefits.

Tips to optimize the use of Happn Premium for free

after getting Free Happn Premiumyou will have to make the most of it if you want get a date. To do this, we invite you to follow some of the recommendations that we will give you below:

  • Choose your photos well: In the dating apps, it is always important to use good photos. Try to show yourself in the best possible way, without exaggerating with the edition, but drawing the attention of other users. Make correct use of lighting and angles, so you can show your best side
  • Be respectful: Nothing is more annoying than a person who abuses trust. try to keep within limits and don't disrespect
  • Adapt to the situation: Make sure you and your crush are in the same page And they have the same interests. By doing this, the conversation will flow better and you will be sure that both of you want the same thing.
  • Don't use cheap pick up lines: If you don't want to scare your crush With a couple of messages, limit yourself to commenting on your interests and getting to know her. In case you want to pay him a compliment, try be original and not fall into cliches
  • Take advantage of gifs and voice notes: To make the chats more dynamic, make use of the different tools found in them. A funny gif or one voice note can significantly change the relationship with your crush
  • Make a meeting: Once you've gotten to know your crush well enough, take the initiative For a date. If you achieve this, they will be one step closer to finding a partner

Frequent questions

Before finishing, we want to show you some of the most common doubts among new users of happn.

Do I need to have an internet connection?

Of course, happn use your Location to show you the people you have found, so it is essential that you have a Internet connection.

What is a like, a FlashNote and a crush?

A like is the action that allows users to indicate their interest among them.

The FlashNote is a limited option that allows one of the users to send a message to a user of interest without the need to reciprocate a like. This way, you can take the first step and get ahead.

A crush it is the result of a reciprocal like or FlashNote between two profiles. When this happens, both people will be able to Start a conversation by text and make video calls from time to time.

Do I have to pay to use Happn?

Of course not, both the use of the application and its download is completely free. However, to enjoy some features it is mandatory that you pay the subscription Premium.

To avoid that, don't forget to download the Free Happn Premium APKso you can take full advantage of the platform without having to pay.


Dating apps are a great way to meet new people and find a future partner. happn is a good alternative and you should take it into account if you want to enter the world of internet dating.

We hope that our guide on Free Happn Premium be helpful and encourage you to try it and if you're lucky, meet someone special.

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