How to get Meetic Premium Free 2022

Dating sites are usually a tremendous scam, forcing you to pay for poor service that ultimately doesn't help at all. However, not all of them are like that, there are some that are excellent and of great quality. Today, we come to talk about  Meetic Premium for free , if it is possible to get it and why use this  dating site .

Meetic  allows you to get in touch with thousands of users who are also looking for their ideal partner. You can take advantage of its free mode or one of the many  paid plans  at a good price.

If you are interested in  knowing more  about this website, how it works and why you should use it, we invite you to read until the end.

What is Meetic?

This platform offers its services in different countries of the European continent, mainly within  Spain , where the largest number of users is found.

According to its creators, more than  249,000 conversations  and one  million relationships  have started through its website.

In  Meetic  you will be able to create a fairly detailed profile, being able to include as much information as necessary to  find a date . It also has a search filtered by criteria that you can select or let yourself go thanks to the profile suggestions based on your tastes.

It should be noted that it has gained popularity thanks to a supposed  free Meetic Premium , something that is not entirely true and we will explain it to you later.

Characteristics of Meetic

  • Easily identify the best singles:  Users with a reputation within the web are rewarded with the  “Meetic Badge” , a badge that represents the best of the best
  • Virtual Assistant:  Do you need help with  Meetic ? Let the  virtual coach , Lara help you. This assistant will help you improve your profile, send your first messages and give you tips for your dates
  • Forget the routine:  Leave comfort aside and go out and meet people at the  events  organized by the  Meetic team
  • Video dating: Meetic  offers all its users  free video calls  so you can enjoy your date before meeting in person
  • Number that support them:  With such a large user base, more than  a million couples have been born

Meetic Pricing

This can help you save a couple of troubles searching for a  free Meetic Premium account  and eliminates the risk of your account being blocked by the web administration.

You can buy the passes individually or combine them with some of the options, which results in the following price table:

Plan Duration Monthly cost Total
  Basic Pass 1 month €44.99 €44.99
3 months €22.99 €68.97
6 months €11.99 €71.94
Basic Pass (Discover) 1 month €47.99 €47.99
3 months €25.99 €77.97
6 months €14.99 €89.94
  Unlimited Pass 1 month €49.99 €49.99
3 months €27.99 €83.97
6 months €16.99 €101.94
  Zen Unlimited Pass 1 month €54.99 €54.99
3 months €32.99 €98.97
6 months €21.99 €131.94

Is it possible to get a free Meetic Premium or Zen pass in 2022?

As usual within these pages, there are various  Meetic  plans with different costs and benefits. In the next section, we will describe what each of them consists of and their respective prices.

This website works on the basis of  passes , which unlock unique functions and the possibility of sending as many messages as you want. It is important to mention that, as of the date of this article, it is not possible to obtain  Meetic Premium for free  directly from the official platform.

However, there are alternatives and methods that can work and can save you a good amount of money, since you can get a  free Meetic pass .

Meetic Premium Mod APK – Unlocked App

Although registration within  Meetic  is free, many of its best functions are blocked and it is mandatory to subscribe to one of its plans to enjoy them.

Although the internet has managed to do its thing and for all users with  Android devices , there is a range of  modified applications  that provide these benefits at no cost.

Descargar Meetic Premium Mod APK

Meetic Premium Mod APK  is an application that contains all the benefits of premium passes unlocked and can be used without paying. But, we cannot say for sure if the Meetic moderators can detect this type of applications, so it may be interesting for you to use another method.

However, you should be careful where you download the APK from, as if you do it from untrustworthy sources it could contain  malicious software  that can cause damage to your device.

Is Meetic Premium free for women?

If you have been looking for ways to get  Meetic Premium for free for some time , you may have come across a rumor that  female accounts  can access this feature for free.

It may make sense since theoretically there are more men than women looking for a partner, and therefore if they wanted to attract more women on their platform by offering the premium pass for free.

Obviously, this is nothing more than a rumor, since  Meetic  does not give  Premium access  to users of its platform just to register. So do not listen to other articles where they say this, because you will only be wasting your time.

Free Meetic Premium accounts with username and password

There are some  specialized forums  where people often give away or sell their  Meetic Premium accounts . This is mainly due to two reasons:

  • Abandonment of the site:  If a user has  subscribed  for longer than they have used the platform, it is likely that they are looking to make some profit on that investment
  • Accounts obtained illegally:  On the other hand, there is the possibility that the subscription has been paid through  bins  or  carding . Because of this, their prices are usually low and the accounts are of no use.

Here we share a list of  Meetic accounts  with username and password, we usually update these accounts daily, if you manage to access any of these accounts, you just have to change the password.

User Password Happens
[email protected] OReNsfis Premium, 6 months
[email protected] lazy777 Premium, 3 months
[email protected] EChaDelP Premium, 3 months
[email protected] alexander4 Premium, 1 month
[email protected] YaCWAxtm Premium, 6 months
[email protected] oct4ne84 Premium, 3 months
[email protected] javisanzsaez Premium, 3 months
[email protected] YaCWAxtm Premium, 6 months
[email protected] fKrMFeNv Premium, 1 month
Last updated: 3 hours ago

Whatever the reason, this is an option to get  Meetic Premium for free . But this method is exposed to  the subscription being canceled  at any time and losing your credits or profile in case it was a gift.

Free Meetic Premium Account Generator 2022

Lastly, we have the  account generators . These sites specialize in giving you an account with  premium features for free ; Or at least that's what they promise.

These tools are often used by users to get a  pass-activated Meetic account  for a short period of time which is usually between 1 week to 1 month.

However,  we cannot confirm  that it works, but it is one of the talked about options to get a Meetic account with a free premium pass.

Generator Meetic accounts with Premium pass

To use the premium account generator you just have to follow these steps:

  • Click on « Generate «
  • Wait for the account to be generated
  • Now you will see your generated account minus some password characters.
  • Complete the Google Captcha
  • Your account will be unlocked and you will see the access data.
  • Clever!

Free Meetic pass discount offers

One of the most legal options to get a free Meetic pass would be through the  offers that the same platform launches to its users .

Normally, the company sends these offers automatically to its users via email, but there may also be external promotions or campaigns where they offer the premium pass for free or for very little.

We leave you the  current offers  in which you can register to obtain the zen pass, or premium, more economically:

Frequent questions

In this section you will be able to find some doubts that usually arise among its users along with their respective answers, based on all the information found on the  official page .

¿Meetic Premium o Zen?

Both options have their advantages, but if you want to enjoy the best  Meetic Premium experience , it is better to go with  Zen .

Thanks to the various tools that you will have at your disposal, it is likely that you will enjoy  Zen more , being able  to navigate with peace of mind  and limiting everyone who wishes to write to you without your consent.

In this way, it will be easier to find someone who catches your eye and contact people with whom you can be  compatible .

Is it possible to get Meetic Premium for free?

Not actually. Some time ago, it was possible to try  Meetic for 3 days for free premium , but this option is no longer available.

However, you should not be discouraged. You will constantly be able to get  Meetic Premium offers  and it is likely that in the future a few trial days will be added for new users.

If you want  to get a free Meetic Premium account , you can also be aware of different giveaways that are usually found on third-party pages.

What are the advantages of the Premium Meetic pass?

First of all, you should know that both the registration and use of  Meetic  is free, the Premium mode only unlocks some  additional functions  that we will describe below:

  • Start conversations:  Allows you to  send messages  to other profiles unlimitedly. Thanks to this, you can contact whoever you want whenever you want.
  • Browse without worries:  Zen  mode  allows you to choose parameters so that the profiles that write to you have common tastes or interests
  • Incognito mode:  Browse between profiles  without leaving a trace  or notifying another user that you passed by
  • Discounts on events:  Meetic  usually  holds face-to- face events  throughout Spain and grants special discounts to everyone who has a subscription to the site

Its main benefit is the possibility of being able to  start conversations  without any obstacles and with the person you want. However, you must take into account the different payment methods that we mentioned above, because some options limit this function.


It is normal that there is some mistrust towards dating sites, but  Meetic  is one of the few that are worth it. We do not say it or its administration, but all the  users  that you can find on the internet, who can only say good things about it.

We hope that you have been able to learn a little more about  Meetic Premium for free  thanks to our article and we invite you to continue browsing here in  TecnoGuias . Don't forget to take a look at our guide to get  Tinder Gold for free  this 2022. Thanks for reading, see you later!

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