How to get free Wallapop PRO in 2022

Thanks to a series of highly successful advertising strategies, wallapop has managed to become one of the largest virtual markets in Spain. For that reason, in this article we are going to teach you how to obtain wallapop pro free.

Although this site was born with the intention of buying and selling second hand itemsOver the years, other businesses have jumped on the trend. As of 2019 with the arrival of Wallpop Promany entrepreneurs have found their place within the web.

do you want to use Wallapop to be a pro seller? Do not stop reading and find out about all the advantages of this and the different methods to obtain it at no cost.

What is Wallpop?

For all those people who don't like to throw anything away and have their house full of things they don't use, such as: books, video games, electronic devices, movies, furniture, etc. Thanks to wallapop they will be able to get rid of them earning money in the process.

Forget having to go to one pawn shop or be talking to your friends to see if anyone is interested in purchasing any of your products. Since 2013, with this useful and simple application that has its origin in Spain, you will be able to trade all your products secondhand.

wallapop website

One of the attractions that gave her fame was her choice of geographic locationallowing you to find nearby products simply by activating the location on your mobile device.

According to statistics, the platform has more than 15 million active users and more are added every day

How does it work?

The operation of wallapop it is reduced to the establishment of communication between the seller and the buyer. With a tool that closely resembles a messaging appwe will be able to send and receive messages in order to establish the parameters of the purchase or sale.

From the point of delivery, the payment method and even trying the product, it can be agreed thanks to the application. In this process, only the buyer and sellerforging a private relationship where no third party presence.

As we mentioned earlier, your geolocation allowed him to wallapop gain popularity. Through this, you can see nearby products before buying them, making sure they are in good condition and saving shipping costs.

How to get Wallapop Pro for free?

Wallpop Pro is a payment option offered by this platform, focused on small entrepreneurs or businesses who want to give a more professional touch to their profile.

Certainly, it is no longer about second-hand items, but about new products that can be found near your location. Thus, go pro on wallapop It's a great way to grow your business.

Here are some methods with which you can enjoy wallapop pro free. We invite you to try several of them and choose the one that is most comfortable for you. Let's go!

Try Wallapop Pro free for 30 days

One of the easiest ways to have wallapop pro free is using the 30 day trial that they offer to all Wallapop users.

With this test you will be able to test all the advantages and special functionalities that being PROonce your free subscription ends, you will not be able to use it again.

Free trial 30 days

You will have a verified badge on Wallapop, with no publication or time limit, and you will be able to customize your profile.

You have to keep in mind that by default the subscription will be renewed monthlytherefore, if you do not want to be charged once the test is over, you have to manually cancel.

Wallapop Pro APK App (No Ads)

One of the easiest methods to have a Pro profile on Wallapop is downloading one of the APKs Modified from the original app that allows you to have premium features.

download wallapop pro apk

The APK of Wallapop are a type of file to install the application on devices with operating system Android and that work as an alternative to the Play Store.

Download Wallapop Pro APK (No Ads)

These files contain modifications that allow us to enjoy the pro mode of the application at no cost. To enjoy the APK, all you have to do is download and install it on your mobile.

Of course, before installing it you must authorize the installation from unknown sources from your mobile settings. In addition, it is recommended that you read the opinions on the download page, to make sure that it is a functional file and that it does what it promises.

Wallapop Pro Accounts Free 2022

wallapop As a platform, it works through a registration with username and password, giving users a unique profile through which they can make their purchases and sales. Within this, you can purchase the subscription to the pro mode for better performance when it comes to closing deals.

Although it seems that the only way to obtain a Pro account is to register and pay for the subscription, the truth is that here at TechnoGuides we have a gift for all our readers.

In the table that you will find below, a series of accounts that they have activated wallapop pro free.

User Password Subscription
[email protected] 123123 Pro, 1 month
[email protected] werwer Pro, 1 month
[email protected] techn0guides Pro, 1 year
[email protected] 433231 Pro, 1 month
[email protected] promo2021 Pro, 3 months
wallapop1añ[email protected] ecpro1 Pro, 1 year
1 year[email protected] sellpro Pro, 1 year
[email protected] 1 month Pro, 1 month
Last updated: 2 hours ago

To enjoy this gift, all you have to do is install the app on your device or enter from the official Web. Once there, try some of the accounts and if you are lucky, you will be able to enjoy it.

We recommend users that once inside the account, change the passwordso that they can enjoy their exclusive use without inconveniences.

Wallapop Pro Accounts
The accounts that we share periodically have been created taking advantage of some type of Wallapop promotion, most of them use the 1-month trial period. But we have gotten some accounts of several months or 1 year.

Do not forget to pay attention to this article, then, accounts are constantly being updated And if you're not lucky now, you can be lucky later.

Wallapop Pro discount coupons

Although this method will not give you wallapop pro freeit will certainly help you save good money when it comes to subscribing.

Coupon Valid until:
I AM PRO2022 2022
PRO2022 2022
June 2022 Coupons

The administration of the platform usually gives its users discount coupons, mainly to reduce shipping costs. However, also you can find some that decrease the cost to acquire Wallpop Pro.

To obtain them, you can visit the platform's forums, stay tuned on their social networks or simply make use of the application in its free mode. Fulfilling these requirements, it will not take long to obtain some of the precious discount codes in June 2022.

What is Wallapop Pro and what is it used for?

Now that you know the different ways to get wallapop pro freewe are going to talk a little about what it consists of and what its advantages are compared to the free mode.

wallapop pro profile

You could say that Wallpop Pro is the meeting place for all experts within the platform, aimed at businesses and service providers.

Through this mode of the application, you can give Greater product visibility and look more professional in the face of users.

What are the advantages of Wallapop Pro?

  • Your items are prioritized when a user searches for a product, yours appearing among the first results
  • The products are not removed once published; unlike the free mode, in which, if a product is not sold in a certain time, it is necessary to make the advertisement again
  • You may cancel Wallapop Pro at any time without any cost
  • Has a visual profile attractive and dynamicdifferentiating itself from common users
  • All users have the possibility to save their profile in favorites
  • Provides the ability to enter the Location of a physical store if there is one, as well as related information with the same
  • Allows you to enter a phone number and website to facilitate contact with the seller

Is it worth subscribing to Wallapop Pro?

This is something quite relative, since it is up to you as a user to evaluate the use that you can give to the platform. In case you have a small business and want let you knowpaying the subscription may be of benefit to you.

On the other hand, if you are a common user and you only want to sell some second-hand things that you have at home, you can do without it, or, in any case, use one of the methods to obtain wallapop pro free.


To finish, we can only hope that our article on how to obtain wallapop pro free It has been helpful to you and that our methods will be of benefit to you. This platform is a good alternative for get rid of things you no longer use and receive a good remuneration for them.

If you are interested in getting other free premium appswhom TechnoGuides you can find it like lovoo free premium.

Without further ado, don't forget continue browsing our website and leave your opinion in the comments, see you!

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