Geocaching Premium Free – FULL Free Version 2022

Few augmented reality games have been as successful as Geocaching, boosting the fun for users around the world. If you are interested in getting geocaching premium freeIn this guide you will learn how.

In addition to teaching you how to get Goaching Premium for free, we will thoroughly discuss the dynamics of this game, the reasons for its success and how you can participate. Whom TechnoGuidesyou will be able to find many similar articles, so we invite you to continue browsing the site once you finish reading.

With nothing more to add, let us begin!

What is Geocaching?

geocaching is an augmented reality activity or game that consists of hiding and find “treasures”which can be found by gps.

This activity is what gives name to the application on which we are going to talk, geocaching. This has the largest community of treasure hunters worldwide and hundreds of geocaches (the secret boxes that you must find) scattered everywhere.

The application of geocaching functions as an intermediary between the members of the community, allowing them to create your own searchesset the rules, give hints and encourage new users to join.

How is Geocaching played?

Participating in this dynamic is simple and fun, since you don't need anything more than the app to start your search; though, Geocaching Premium It can be of great help for new players.

Next, we present the steps to follow:

  1. Install Geocaching: Download the app on your device Android or iOS through official stores
  2. Creat your account: Enter your data and Sign up within the application, customize your profile and invite your friends to participate
  3. Find a geocache: By using GPS, geocaching will help you find the closest treasures to the point where you are
  4. Get the treasure and share your experience: Once you get the box, put your name on it. logbook Y post your experience on the platform

How to get Geocaching Premium for free?

As we mentioned before, there is a version of the platform known as Geocaching Premiumwhich offers a series of exclusive advantages.

Clearly, to obtain it it is necessary to pay, but in this guide we are going to teach you a series of methods that will allow you get it for free or at a very low cost.

Do you know of any other alternatives that are not shown here? leave it in the comments.

Geocaching Premium APK 2022

Free Geocaching Premium APK

We open the list with one of the easiest methods to use. Of course, one of the mandatory requirements is that you must have a device with Android operating system; in case you have iOSyou must choose another alternative from the list.

A APKs It is an application that can be installed on Android without having to go through the Play Store. Thanks to this, it is possible to access old or modified versions of the application.

In this case, we are going to use a modified version to access for free Geocaching Premium. Its use is quite simple, since we will only need to download the APK, install it and create an account. Once this is done, we will have the premium options unlocked.

Is this your first time installing such an app? Remember that you must authorize the unknown sources in the mobile settings. We also recommend that you take a look at the page reputation where you are going to download, in order to make sure that the app works.

Geocaching Premium APK Free

Free Premium Geocaching Accounts

The accounts of geocaching They are the ones that allow us to use the application, track the treasures and share our experiences with the rest of the users.

Similarly, it is possible to purchase a subscription and enjoy Geocaching Premium. So that you do not have to pay and you can enjoy without any cost, in TechnoGuides We have a present for all our followers.

The list that you can find here below has the income data of several accounts of geocachingwhich have a activated subscription.

Enough with download the app on your device and enter the data so you can access and customize the profile.

Email Password Subscription
[email protected] ebenezer8547 Geocaching Premium / 12 months
[email protected] 04200PM Geocaching Premium / 6 months
[email protected] JMarisol98 Geocaching Premium / 1 month
[email protected] nenkos322 Geocaching Premium / 12 months
[email protected] EmilianoMP Geocaching Premium / 1 month
Accounts Updated: June – 2022

Account not working? Another user probably changed the password, but if you stop by again, you might be in luck. On a regular basis, you will be updating the table Y adding new accounts.

Promotional coupons for Geocaching Premium

The promotional coupons either discount codes, are a set of alphanumeric characters that grant additional discounts or bonuses. They can also be found in link formats that redirect you to a special page.

Promotional Codes Description
BIHOOD2021 20% discount on annual payment
ROSMMANTE 10% subscription
GEOCAMPS 1 month free premium.
SPIDERGPS 25% discount
ARGONLI 7 days free premium
DRABIT Extra 5% off
SENDECOOL 15 days free premium
899JUMPCACHING 10% quarterly subscription
Last Modified 2 hours ago

These codes for Geocaching Premium They are free, since they are distributed by the same company to make more users know about the application and register.

Some of the codes that you can find online, they offer:

  • Discount on hiring the subscriptions
  • Time of Free Trial of premium mode
  • Special offers in the official store geocaching

Geocaching Premium Free Trial

The last method that we are going to see is a totally legal one, sponsored by the same company team and that will allow us to use geocaching premium free for a short period of time.

The steps to follow to obtain the Free trialare:

  • Download and install the application of geocaching on your Android or iOS device
  • create a new account using your email
  • Go to your browser and search “Geocaching Free Trial”
  • Access the first result and follow the steps what are indicated there

Clever! At the end of the indicated steps, you will have activated a trial period of Geocaching Premium. This is a permanent promotion, so you can use it whenever you want, but the trial time may vary depending on your region.

What are the benefits of Geocaching Premium?

Now that you know the different methods to obtain Free Premium Geocaching, let's take a look at what this paid subscription offers. Between the premium features related to the geocacheswe have:

  • Access to geocaches advanced level
  • Availability of all kinds of geocaches On your cellphone
  • unique geocaches available only for Premium users

On the other hand, we have the characteristics related to the overall applicationsuch as:

  • Search advanced
  • maps Without connection
  • Award prizes to best searches treasure
  • create your own lists with your best experiences
  • different types of maps
  • Notifications about new geocaches
  • statistics more detailed
  • discovery trails for you to find several containers in a single tour
  • Quick consultation with support of geocaching
  • Compatibility with smart watches and gps devices
  • Accede to exclusive content about the development and news of the application

Why should you practice Geocaching?

Treasure hunt not exciting enough? Here we are going to tell you some reasons that could motivate you:

  • Learn more about the environment that surrounds you
  • Discover new places and dare to visit others you never thought to go through
  • Enjoy the ingenious inventions that hide the geocaches
  • Train your body and your mind, testing your physical skills and of perception
  • tour with calm and serenity out of town
  • share good stories and invite your friends to explore with you
  • It is an excellent incentive to leaving home
  • keep your healthy body
  • Funny for all


A game that will test your deduction capacityencouraging you to explore and think in a way you never have before. geocaching is an application that will take you out of your comfort zone and will lead you to live great experiences.

We hope that you liked this guide and it will help you. Remember that in TechnoGuides, you can find many articles, guides and tutorials from various fields, especially technology. We recommend the guide to free tinder gold; you never know if you might find someone to go out with hunt for treasures.

Thanks so much for reading, keep browsing on our site and leave your opinion below in the section of commentsSee ya!

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