Free Lovoo Premium 2022 – Premium Codes List

Over the years lovoo has become one of the most popular dating apps thanks to the fact that it facilitates the process of meet new people. However, to access all its features you need to purchase the premium version. But don't worry, in this post we will teach you how to get lovoo premium for free, in just a few steps. Do not miss it!

You may have many questions about how get lovoo premium for free, but the truth is that there are different methods that will allow you to have a good experience with Lovoo premium. This version contains various functions that will facilitate the process of finding your ideal partner and socializing with other people.

Now, it is important to clarify that many websites, facebook groups, etc., usually offer services to be able to get lovoo premium (Hack) but you must be careful, do not get carried away by promotions that they offer free credits on Lovoo downloading any apk.

It is very likely that all these announcements of alleged hacks are a total fraud, which can reach you damage the computer or mobile, infecting them with viruses or malware.

Therefore, to avoid any of these inconveniences, in we designed a step-by-step guide for you to learn how to get lovoo for free, totally safe. Let's get started!

What is Lovo?

Lovoo is a platform to meet people and get dates, which works in a similar way to Tinder and Badoo, two other popular platforms in this sector. It works like a social network, with a platform modern and thousands of active users.

Launched in 2011, this application has more than 70 million users and it is compatible for Android and iOs, so you can use it on any device without problems.

It should be noted, that this app is known for its unique Lovoo feature Live Video Chat, which allows any user to broadcast live. Also, this app has various options that allow people to facilitate the search of his better half.

Now, this application has various functions that are of payment, which you can cancel separately or by purchasing the premium version. If in your case you do not want to pay for it, there are other methods that allow you to enjoy this version, keep reading.

What is the price of Lovoo premium?

The truth is that the administrators of Lovoo have made an effort to provide the best experience to its users, for this they have createdor various payment planswhich adapt to the different needs and preferences of each user.

These are the updated prices of Lovoo premium membership

  • 1 Month – 14.99 euros
  • 3 Months – 29.99 euros
  • 12 Months – 89.99 euros

It should be noted that this platform has various payment methods, making the task much easier make the subscription payment. The payment of the premium membership can be made through:

  • iTunes
  • PayPal
  • Visa MasterCard
  • PaySafeCard
  • Stripe
  • google play
  • Wire transfer

How to get lovoo premium for free?

Thousands of people surf the internet every day looking for learn how to flirt, since this has become the easiest way to meet people around the world, increasing the probability to find the right person.

According to numerous recent studies, it has been determined that one in five relations Currently, they started thanks to digital media as dating sites and it is a number that continues to increase every day.

lovoo premium 3 months

Without a doubt this is one application that adapts whatever you're looking for, whether it's meeting new people to hang out with or finding a serious relationship forever. Therefore, it is an application that will help anyone find their better half.

However, although the free version It allows you to match and meet many amazing people, it has many limitations, which can harm your experience in the app. Therefore, if you want to use this application correctly, you need to have lovoo premium free.

Next, we will teach you how to get lovoo premium free without complications. In this way, you will be able to access all the functions of this application without spending a single penny.

Try Lovoo premium free for a month

Lovoo is one of the applications with the most interesting offers for its users, such as the opportunity to enter multiple payment features or enjoy the premium version totally free for one month.

During this time, you can go to all extra features what lovoo premium account. Among them we can highlight:

  • find out who I visit your profile
  • Your profile will be displayed frequently in the Match
  • send up to three requests of messages per day.
  • Visit incognito the profiles you want

These are just some of the options lovoo premium provides. Also, we cannot leave aside the option of talk by video callwhich is much more functional in this version.

Now for get lovoo premium for free for the first time, you must download the app from Google Play and install it correctly on your device. Later, you must enter the application and fill in all the data required in your profile.

Here, lovoo will let you enter the premium version for just one month. Of course, this is the best option if you want to try the premium version, Without spending money.

List of free premium Lovoo codes

Another of the most used methods for get lovoo premium it is through codes or gift cards, which you can find on different websites. However, these are paid.

But, there are also different web pages that offer premium lovoo codes free, these usually work easily and almost instantly. However, due to high demand who has had these codes, many have already stopped working.

if you are looking for get lovoo premium version through free codes, we help you to achieve it. Next, I will leave you a table with some gift codes.

Code Credits
PQE-DK19-DNWS 5000
HKA-DM48-KDBW 5000
LDP-SJ29-QBHE 1000
RND-DL02-SHWQ 5000
SAR-DJ24-DHQF 12500
KMD-DS11-URND 1000
SDM-AS32-ERSF 5000

Download Lovoo Premium APK

One of the easiest methods to access all of Lovoo's features is Download Lovoo Premium APK which you can find on different web pages. Usually these are modified by third parties.

In Lovoo premium APK you can enjoy multiple functions that are not available in the standard version, where we can highlight, the incognito mode to visit profiles, discover who visited your profile, get more popularity within the app, and so on.

Download Lovoo Premium APK

However, it is a unofficial app that may contain viruses or malware that can affect your computer or mobile. Tea We recommend that you be careful with this type of apk.

Free Lovoo Premium Account Generator

lovoo premium account generator free

There is an unusual method to get lovoo premium for free On a temporary basis, this allows you to have a Lovoo premium account for a few months until the account credits run out.

It's about a Lovoo account generator with creditsthis generator creates new accounts with username and password that have 5000 credits to use.

Lovoo Premium Account Generator

Once you have the account, you can change your password and customize your profile to start using it, when the credits expire you can either recharge by paying or creating a new account with the generator.

Get free Lovoo credits

Within Lovoo you can exchange real money for credits, which allow you to perform various actions within the app. However, this is not the only way to get free Lovoo credits.

The first one is by using the same application, so we won't have to go out of love. To do this, you need to fulfill certain tasks which are rewarded for credits.

These "chores" they are characterized by being easy to perform and rewarding them almost immediately. Usually it is about download apps from the same supplier Supersonoc Adsso you don't have to worry about your safety.

Of course, to obtain the credits you must meet certain specific requirementssuch as opening the app once downloaded or using it for a week, then you will be rewarded with free creditsin a simple and practical way.

But, this is not the only task that you can perform, since this application give credits for different activities, do you want to know what they are? Keep reading.

Methods to earn credits on Lovoo [FÁCIL]

Thanks to the popularity of Lovoo, many users are looking to access the Premium version of this app. However, most do not want to spend money on it, which is why its creators have included various activities that people can do to earn credits.

  1. email confirmation
  2. Connect your Facebook account
  3. Invitation to Lovoo on Facebook

Doing some of these activities you can get lovoo premium for free. It should be noted that this method is not infinite and unlimited, but you can find hundreds of codes on the internet with which which ones can you keep trying.

Lovo Features

Lovoo allows people from all over the world to meet friends and why not a new love. Just enough register on the platform and start enjoying all the features of Lovoo.

Also, this platform is quite secure and reliable as it contains numerous encryption options that protect your personal information. Also, all these data are not granted to third partiesensuring that your registered information does not go anywhere.

Among the main lovo benefits we can find:

  1. instant connections
  2. Easy to use location system
  3. Nice and simple interface
  4. fast registration
  5. Thousands of users

Finally, since you know how to get lovoo premium for freewe recommend you to be careful with some methods and hacks that you get on web pages, since some can affect your computer or mobile with Trojan viruses.

If you want to continue knowing more applications for dating, we recommend the Free Tinder Gold article, where we teach you step by step how to get free tinder gold… Do not miss it!

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