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MEGA is a cloud storage platform that has been one of the best options for years download and share files. However, its download limit has been a problem for users, but not anymore. In this guide we will teach you different methods, programs and applications to download from MEGA without limits.

The lists that we will see next, are formed by different methods that will allow you to download by unlimited MEGAall for free and easily.

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What is MEGA?

MEGA is a service of cloud storage designed for users to save, share and exchange files for free. Is available in different platforms such as Windows, Linux, MACOS, and Android and iOS devices.

The first version of this platform was MegaUploada well-known hosting service launched in 2005. They later changed their name and added various new features to reach a larger audience.

MEGA Features

  • full encryption of the files that are uploaded, protecting your data and preventing anyone from accessing it without your consent
  • Use one P2P network with different servers worldwide, giving the user a faster experience
  • Thanks to the large network of servers they have around the world, all members can take advantage of all their connection speed to download and upload files
  • is translated to Many languages and their support service is available 24 hours
  • When creating a new account, you are granted 20GB of free storage. This converts to MEGA in the cloud storage service that offers its users the most space
  • It allows organize by folders and is compatible with any type of file
  • It is compatible with any computer and mobile device

download from mega free

Download from MEGA without limits on PC

Entering fully into the subject that concerns us, it is time to see programs to download from MEGA without limitsavailable on computer for free.

Something to keep in mind with these programs is that they usually ask for a mega account, which is why we recommend that you create one before downloading any of them. Plus, you'll get added benefits like support for downloading files directly from your cloud.

With that said, we can start the list.

mega downloader 2021

megadownloader remains to this day the go-to option for PC users who want download from MEGA without limits. Thanks to all the tools it offers and how easy it is to use, it's an excellent alternative to download what you need.

This program does not even need to be installed on your computer, since you can download it and use it portable form. Among some of its features, we have:

  • Speed ​​on par with traditional MEGA downloads
  • Allows you to create a download queue and prioritize file order
  • Simultaneous downloads
  • option to do streaming from MEGA

How to use Megadownloader 2021?

  • Download the program
  • Run it and make the appropriate settings
  • go to the Mega's page with the file you want to download
  • When you copy the link, a pop-up window will appear automatically that will allow you to start your download

download mega downloader free

psiphon 3

psiphon 3 it is not an application for download from MEGA without limits online, but a free VPN. It is included with the download. unlimited mega downloaderbut, can be used separately.

The goal of this program is to change the IP adress from which you connect so you can download what you want without interruptions.

If when using Megadownloader you encountered the problem that your downloads do not start, all you have to do is open this program and click on "Connect". If it doesn't work the first time, change the connection country and repeat the process until you find one that works.

By using it separately, you can skip download limit with online files, or, in other words, from the MEGA website.

download free vpn

jdownloader 2

jdownloader 2 is the second version of the popular download manager jdownloader. What is a download manager? It is a program that allows you manage your downloads external to the browser, allowing additional configuration and keeping your progress.

Through this program we will be able to download from MEGA without limits as follows:

  • Download Jdownloader 2 from its official site and install it
  • Open the program, then the settings and select "Connection Manager"
  • press on “+Add” and add a proxy from the country you want (we recommend one from a nearby country, as this will benefit speed)
  • Clever! You can now start using Jdownloader 2 and download from MEGA by adding the links

MEGAsync Unlimited

Unlimited MEGAsync is a modified version of the desktop program of this platform, whose objective is to allow us download from MEGA unlimited 2021.

Clearly, this program belongs to third parties and must be downloaded from another site. What is the advantage of using it? In addition to being a program to download from MEGA without limits 2021it allows you access the cloud from your account.

Thanks to this, you will be able to see the files that you have uploaded to your account and download them without worrying.

Using it is simple and you just have to do the following:

  • Download unlimited MEGAsync and run it
  • Sign in with your mega account or create a new one if you wish
  • Once you have registered, go to the configuration and deactivate the box of “Update automatically”
  • Clever! You can now download

Note: Remember to uncheck the option “Import to my Cloud Drive” before making a download.

Mega Basterd

The last option on this list about how to download from MEGA without limitswe have Mega Basterdan excellent alternative and a great program.

Unlike other alternatives, MegaBasterd has a great advantage in that it is available for any computer: Windows, MACOS and Linux. After selecting your operating system, you must follow the instructions below:

  • Install MegaBasterd
  • By default, the program is in English, so to change it, go to the settings (the gear-shaped button), then advanced options and finally in language select Spanish
  • If a window appears asking us MEGA API KEIwe must press "Yes" and open our MEGA account in the browser. Once this is done, your cloud will be synchronized and you will be able to download your files directly
  • To start downloading, click on "File, Archive"Then in “New Download” and paste the link in the corresponding field. If you have the option activated, the link will be automatically

unlimited mega download

Download from MEGA without limits 2021 Android

You want Download MEGA Unlimited 2021 Android? You can do it! Many times using a mobile to download is easier than doing it from a computer, but the MEGA download fee is still an impediment.

Luckily for everyone, we also have different methods and applications to download without limitations. Before you start, you should know that most of these applications are in the format APKsa type of file that allows you to install applications externally.

If this is your first time installing this type of file, you should do the following:

  • Download the APK you need
  • When opening the file, a notice and a button to enter the files will appear. device settings
  • Click on the settings and check the box “Allow unknown sources”
  • Once this is done, go to the downloads or your file manager and open the APK again
  • Follow the given steps and complete the installation
  • Clever! The app is now installed on your device and you can use it normally

now that you know how to install an apkwe will show you the different applications available for download from MEGA without limits.

Download Unlimited Mega APK

Mega Unlimited

The name of this application speaks for itself, since we will allow you to download from MEGA without Android limits. It should be noted that this application is paid, but it can be found in APK format on different specialized websites.

After installing the application and opening it, you will find a simple interface where you only have to paste the link of the file you want to download and press the button "Discharge". Then, the file will start downloading without any problem.

You can also set the binder in which you want the files to be downloaded, as well as the speed limit.

unlimited mega


The method that we will show next is probably the most useful and the one that personally recommendsince we will not need external applications and the process for download from MEGA without limits too easy.

The first thing you should do is download the official application of MEGA Y flashvpnboth apps are available in the Play Store. Once this is done, you should:

  • Sign in with your MEGA account to the application and leave it open in background
  • Open FlashVPN and click on "Carry on"
  • Once connected to the VPN, you can start download from MEGA without limits
  • In case you get the message that you have exceeded the quota, you just have to open FlashVPN, disconnect it and connect again. This will change your IP and you can continue your download

Note: The MEGA notification will still say that you have reached the download limit, but you can see its progress in the app.

free proxy and vpn

How to download from MEGA without limits 2021 using VPN

Since we have seen the programs and applications for download from MEGA without limitsit's the turn of the only one payment method.

What is a VPN?

In case you don't know them, a VPN is a virtual network that allows us to access the internet as if we were browsing from another part of the world. Its name comes from the acronym Virtual Private Networkthe name it receives in English.

How can we use this to our advantage? The answer is very simple, to power change our IP addresswe can download as many files as we want, forgetting about the download limit.

In our blog you can learn how to have Express VPN so you don't have to buy any subscription. However, there are other VPN services that can also serve us.

Best VPNs 2021

The only bad thing here is that we will need to hire a paid vpn, as the free options don't allow you to do this. In this list, we present some of the Most Recommended VPNs:

  • CyberGhost: This VPN is one of the best value for money, as it is quite cheap for what it offers. In addition to having a free trial time, it is easily refundable and is available on any device
  • ExpressVPN: It has servers in over 90 countries, 24/7 support, a 30-day free trial, and excellent speed for downloading and streaming up to 4K.
  • NordVPN: Although it does not have as many servers as other options, this VPN is extremely easy to use and has several tools at its disposal to protect your online security.
  • IPVanish: It has servers in more than 75 countries, file encryption and a cheap price

How to use the VPN to download from MEGA without limits?

  • Select the VPN of your choice and install it on the device you want to download from
  • Activate it by selecting the option “Fastest Country”
  • Enter MEGA with your account and select the file you want to download
  • Clever! As you can see, with the use of the VPN download from MEGA without limits it is a very simple task

nordvpn free

Download from MEGA without limits with MEGAsync

Finally, we are going to see a quick method in which we will take advantage of one of the options that this program offers us to download without limits. Being more specific, it is the file sync from the cloud

The steps to follow are:

  • Download MEGAsync on your computer
  • Login with your MEGA account
  • At this point a message will appear asking if you want to activate file synchronization on the computer. Press yes and create a new folder to save the content
  • head to the sync settings and activate the full sync
  • Select the MEGA file you want to download and instead of pressing on "Discharge"click on “Import to your cloud”
  • Clever! Repeat this step with everything you want to download and it will appear in the folder you have selected

Remember that the cloud has a limited space to 20GBso you will have to enter the platform and delete some files from time to time in order to save more.

unlimited mega sync


We have reached the end of the article about download from MEGA without limits. As you can see, this is a very simple task and the benefits you receive are completely worth it.

MEGA is an excellent cloud storage service and today, few competitors offer as much free space. In addition, it is a fast platform when it comes to downloading, making the most of your internet.

Keep browsing here on TechnoGuides to find more articles that may be of interest to you. We recommend you visit this about best anime pages 2021, where we show you some places where you can take advantage of the tricks shown above to download whatever you want.

Do not forget to visit us again and tell us if some of our methods for download from MEGA without limits they have been of help to you below in the comments. See you soon!

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