Does MegaDede close forever? The best alternatives in 2022

Watch free movies and series on the internet is a process that can be complicated if we do not search quality sites. Megadede is a page that allows you to view this content by streamingwhich managed to become popular and become a benchmark for content display.

With a considerable catalog that included exclusive series and movies of HBO Y Netflixgained fame among the community and gradually continued to expand.

If the name sounds familiar to you, it is because it belongs to the same administrators of Plusdedea site that we already talked about elsewhere Article.

Unfortunately, Megadede is being persecuted by the authorities constantly, causing it to be locked Already in a couple of countries. So that you can continue enjoying everything it offered, we bring you a list with several alternatives.

Before we start, let's talk about Megadede and the reasons for their legal issues that led to the lockdown.

What is Megade?

Megadede is the successor of Plusdedea project that in turn came from Bye. All these sites have been used to enjoy films, documentaries Y series for free.

The site grew in popularity just by appearing to migrate data from Plusdedegiving way to users being able to register with the same account and see the content they wanted again.

In addition to operating as a service streamingoffered the possibility of download the content through a P2P network. If this all sounds so good, what happened?

Megadede closed forever? Why can't I get in?

Like its predecessor, Megadede was attacked by authorities cybernetics for continuing with a project that had already been terminated. This is mainly due to the violation of the Copyrightpublishing content that is protected under them.

As you can tell, this is piracy forks illegal. For this reason, Megadede It was blocked in different parts of the world and accessing it is not possible. However, it has not completely closed, since it is still available in some places such as Latin America.

List of Best Megadede Alternatives in 2022

Despite the closure of Megadedeyou do not have to worry, since, there are many other options that you can use from today. All of these have been tested by us and therefore what we are going to recommend is only the best of the best.



The boys behind the pages from they cannot stay still, and it is that, shortly after the blockade of Megadedehave migrated the content back to playdedeyour new platform.

if you enjoyed Megadede At the time, this new website is more of the same. For starting to watch series and movies, you need to create an account; You can also enter with your user of another of the previous domains of from if you already had one.

Bringing news every day, the catalog of playdede is one of the largest available on this type of site.

One of the novelties after the change of domain is the section of reviewsallowing members to comment and review what they have recently viewed.

Of course, take advantage of this site while it lasts and do not get used to it, since it will probably be blocked up like its predecessors.



The star option for movie and television lovers. Cuevana3 is a page of streaming free where you can enjoy a variety of current titles.

Its main page presents the latest titles added, the popular premieres and the most viewed movies. All this under an interface with attractive colors and well organized.

Each of the movies and series uploaded to Cuevana3 they give us to choose different servers, Languages Y qualities. Also giving us the opportunity to to download whatever we want to see to enjoy it offline.

Registration is not mandatory, but you have the possibility to create lists in your profile, comment and be the first to know news Y updates.



Titles in the best possible quality, for all tastes and good categorization. These are the main advantages it offers us vidcorna website that works as an alternative to Megadede.

Considering your community, vidcorn allows us to affiliate with your page to receive updates constant about what is being added.

The interface it has is simple, organized by categories and presenting us the most outstanding of the month on its main page.

To learn a little more about what you decide to see, the site provides you with related information, such as its Names In different languages, year launch and duration.

The same way that Cuevana3has different servers display and the option to to download.



You like him cult cinema and the old movies? ¡zoowoman is the right place for you! This portal has gained fame among Spanish-speaking moviegoers for the large number of movies available to them.

Within its website, we can find titles that have marked the history of cinemaand, available in good quality and in his original language.

Thanks to an integrated own player, zoowoman It offers us a playback speed that cannot be compared with any external server. This is very helpful for everyone who has a low speed internet.

Besides 11,000 titles which offers, zoowoman also has a Blog and a section dedicated to community. Here we can find various articles that tell us a little about the history of cinema and interact with other members of the page.



You may have heard this name before, since, Moviesplus is one of the most long-lived from Internet.

Despite this, it has managed to adapt to the new tendencies and has not stopped adding improvements to his page.

Moviesplus It is the most recommended option if you are eager to see what is new before anyone else. Thanks to a large team and a active communityis one of the sites where the premieres arrive shortly after their launch.

Of course, it is not always in the best possible quality, but, about what Are are. You can easily find these on their home page, which contains images of the movies in very good quality.

To keep you up to date with all the newsdo not forget to enter your channel of Telegram. You can find it on the web.

Free HD Movies


Don't let the simplicity of its interface make you suspicious, since this is, in short, an excellent megadede alternative.

Each of the movies and series available have a section of informationwhere we will find your categoriesa small synopsis and the duration.

When you select the play button, a list of options will appear. Content Free HD Movies Is available in Spanish, Latin Y Subtitled.

It also has a system of qualification that allows users to find the content top rated by critics and the community.

Along with the series and movies, we can also find a section of anime and one for dramasplacing it in a higher step than its competitors.

Unfortunately, not everything is perfect. Free HD Movies it is riddled with advertising and it is mandatory to have your ad blocker disabled to start playback.



Similar to Moviesplusthis site has remained one of the best options for watch movies for free In Internet.

MoviesPedia It is not a site loaded with content, but, its reduced Catalogue is endowed with very good qualityoffering us different servers and languages.

This page takes very seriously quality before quantitypublishing only what is best valued and not everything that is released.

The series section has exclusive series of Netflix, HBO, amazon Prime Y Disney+. In addition, it has a couple of animes that have been a sensation in recent years.



To close the list, we are going to mention one of the alternative websites of Megadede that more noise has been making during the last months.

Repelis24 has gained popularity for bringing the billboard news in good quality and in Spanish. It also has a very simple interface that gives visibility to the most viewed by users.

It is possible to find a section with the premieres of the year in progress and upcoming releases They will arrive at the site at some point.

has content for for all tastesbeing able to find movies thanks to a series of tags such as action, animation, crime, drama, etc.

In the same way as other platforms, they take advantage of the ranking of Internet Movie Database for categorize their movies and series with a star system.


As you can see, the loss of Megadede It is not a big deal considering the wide variety of options available on the internet.

If you are interested in knowing more pages to enjoy digital contentdo not forget to go through our article on the alternatives of SeriesDanko. Whom TechnoGuideswe strive to bring you the best tutorials and news on topics of interest in the field of technology.

Thank you very much for making it to the end. keep browsing to enjoy everything that the vast world of the internet has to offer. Ac-News | Tu Portal Sobre Entretenimiento Asiático En Español B4WORK.ES SMACKDOWN
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