Can't access TomaDivx? We present the best alternatives

Movies, series, anime, games, ebooks and music, all of this could be found for free on takedivxa site of torrent downloads in Spanish.

Thanks to this website, you could get hundreds of files for free, in the best quality and with a light weight.

Despite having a simple interface, the site was easy to navigate and searching for files to download was extremely easy.

If you have been following her for a long time, you may know that this has been blocked up in several countries and that it is now impossible to access it. However, you don't have to worry.

In this guide, we will show you the best alternatives what can you use for download files by torrent, in a fast and simple way. Before that, let's talk a bit about takedivx And why did it have to close?

What is TomaDivx?

takedivx it was a page torrent downloads where thousands of movies and series. Also, a wide variety of games for different consoles, books and even music.

Their community was one of the most active of such sites, constantly uploading content and replenishing dropped files with great effectiveness.

This page was similar to DivxTotal, which is currently available after several blocks on its main domain.

Unfortunately, this site went into decline after its blocking in various countries, but why did it happen?

TomaDivx closed? Why can't it be accessed?

These types of sites are usually blocked or forced to unsubscribe by the authorities cyber. This is because the content available on them often violates the laws of the Copyright.

These laws give you the content ownership to its creator, being able to decide where and under what terms it can be found. When your creation is on one of these pages, automatically lose money.

It all started with some complaints, forcing them to remove certain posts. As the page continued to function, the authorities took action on the matter and the they blocked in several countries.

After his block, the team of takedivx decided to cancel the project, leaving the web. Although it is still accessible in some places, both the work team and the community no longer use it. The latest uploaded files are dated 2018.

List of TomaDivx Alternatives

Though takedivx has passed to a better life, there are still several pages with a lot of content to download for free. Do you want to meet them? Go for it!

The Pirate Bay


It may get repetitive to see this site whenever you are looking for an alternative, but, this is for a reason. The Pirate Bay is one of the most long-lived Internet, and although it has fallen on several occasions, it has managed to resurface in each one of them.

With the one who is probably the Catalogue of content larger of the alternatives takedivx, this page gives us access to anything we can imagine. Movies, pictures, books, games, music and much more.

Although most of its content is in Englishmany files come with Subtitle Y translations which saves us the additional search.

One of the best features of The Pirate Bay is the weight of your files, these being very light. Although the quality can be improved, having movies of less than 1GBIt's great if you don't have a good internet connection.



RARBG It is a site that few people know about, but its community is as dedicated as the rest of the alternatives. Here we can find mainly films Y T.V. seriesalways prioritizing the latest releases of the billboard.

Among its characteristics, we can highlight the information that gives us each file to download. just like i did takedivx, RARBG offers us a information box very complete, where we can even find images.

As we mentioned before, it has a very dedicated communitysomething that is reflected in sections such as the news. This website has its own section where we can find relevant news about the world of cinema and television.

The best thing about this is that it does not redirect us to any external site, but rather loads directly on the site already one impressive speed.



takedivx is remembered by many for its content entirely in Spanish. If what you are looking for is an alternative to download movies and series in Spanish, elitetorrent is the right place.

All news both from the cinema and from streaming platforms, arrive in a couple of days at elitetorrent in our language.

It also has movies in Latin and in his original language with subtitles, so you're spoiled for choice.

Its series section is a bit abandoned, since users have focused on growing the movie catalog. However, it is possible to find classic series and some modern ones that have gained popularity among viewers.



For certain, we cannot confirm if the administration of this website is the same as that of takedivx despite the similarity of their names. What we are certain of is that Divxtotal It is an excellent place to download files by torrent.

Your catalog has content for for all tastes, so, young and old can enjoy alike. If you like to enjoy movies 3Dyou will be glad to know that in Divxtotal you can find them.

In turn, it has a section dedicated to softwarehaving available programs that will facilitate many tasks on your computer.

It enjoys a pleasant and simple interface, converting Divxtotal in an easy to navigate site. For this reason, getting what you are looking for will be very simple.

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