Best pages to watch bulls live online 2022

If you are a fan of bullfighting and you like to watch bullfights in your spare time on television, surely you have realized how difficult it is to find channels to see bulls live. For this reason, we want to help you enjoy the bulls where you want and at any timethey are about the pages to see bulls live. Do you want to know which are the best? Keep reading, don't miss it!

The fairs of bullfighting They are a traditional event of Spanish culture, which has gained great popularity and has been maintained over the years. However, these usually take place sporadically, so seeing bulls online is a excellent alternative.

Now when searching pages to see bulls live we usually find a large number of results, but some do not work correctly or have excessive advertisements. However, there are some sites that work perfectly to see bulls in direct free or paidwhich we will be listing below.

How to watch bulls live online?

Before starting, you must first know what methods exist to see bulls live, without inconvenience. Since there are various platforms and ways to enjoy this content.

First, there are the services provided by the Movistar phone, which offers in its catalog the bullfights of everything live. Also, you can play its content on different devices like, Smart TV, mobilecomputers, tablets.

The other classic way of seeing the bulls is by using the cable or air channelsif you are in Spain you can go to Telemadrid channel. However, there are fewer and fewer programs dedicated to lovers of bullfighting.

However, there are a large number of platforms and TV channels, which are pages to see bulls live. Usually these sites are totally free and offer a great catalog of cumshots free live bulls.

Also exist apps available for android which work in a similar way to netflix, HBO, etc. Which are capable of broadcasting bullfights, so you can enjoy live bullfights, totally free.

List of pages to watch bulls live for free

As I mentioned before, there are several ways to see the bulls live, either for free or contracting payment packages. But what are the best pages to see the bulls online? Read on and find out for yourself!

It should be noted that we have created this list taking into account our experience and that of other users who make use of these pages. Therefore, you are free to draw your own conclusions and visit the sites you like.

Movistar +

movistar plus bulls

To start this list, we bring you the official way to watch bulls live online. To do this, you must hire the Movistar + programming, which contains all the rights to transmit events, fairs and bullfights that take place in Spain.

Inside of the Movistar+ package you can find a channel focused on bullfighting, as well as a section to know all the live programming that is going to be transmitted. In this way, you can avoid missing out on any run what you want to see.

Now, if you decide to hire the movistar subscription, you must do it through the package services offered by the Movistar platform. In it, you can choose whether to cancel payments monthly or annually.

It should be noted that, despite not being free, this is the best way to see bulls live, avoiding the annoying ads, the cuts or the low quality of the transmissions. Therefore, an option to consider if you want to enjoy running to the fullest,


fair tv bullfights

Another page to see live bulls most visited is FERIA TV. It is a site recommended by many users. However, here you will not be able to enjoy live bullfights. Being so, What is special about this site?

FERIA TV stands out for offering users very comprehensive summaries of bullfights carried out in different Spanish fairs. In addition, it contains videos of the best moments lived in the most recent bullfights.

Undoubtedly, this site is ideal for those fans who want to be aware of new events, as well as relive those moments unforgettable of bullfighting.

plazatoros tv bulls live

This is a website designed specifically for transmit runs Of bull. Here, you can find numerous live broadcasts or watch rebroadcast bullfights. It should be noted that most of it is recorded events at fairs.

So if you have missed any bullfight, on this site you can catch up on any event or fair. On the other hand, when talking about web design, it is a fairly simple and intuitive site to use.

On its main page you can find the most popular and trending events. Also, the site has a search engine, in case you want to find specific bullfights, without a doubt a website that will leave delighted to any bullfighting fan.

RTV Bulls

rtv bulls online

If you are a lover of bullfights, surely you already know about RTV Toros. This is a site created for lovers of this sport. RTV Bulls It has several similarities with the site that I mentioned earlier. With a simple design, this website is perfect for users to navigate without no problem.

In addition, on this site you can not only find cumshots in Spain, but also see those bullfights that take place abroad. It usually has multiple links available to view the cumshot that catches your attention.

Undoubtedly, a perfect place for lovers of bullfights to access a large number of free contentin the best quality.

South Channel TV

south channel tv bullfights

This is the official page of the south channel, where you can see the live bullfights, which are broadcast on the site. In addition, it has complete information about bullfights, as well as interviews with bullfighters.

Best of all, this site is totally free and allows you to enjoy all its content, without the need to register personal data. You just have to access the official site of Canal sur TV and make use of its menu to access all the site information.

If what you are looking for is watch bullfights onlineyou must click on the “Live” section here you can find all the bullfights that the channel is transmitting live or to the library of saved events.


telemadrid see bulls

Telemadrid is another of the official sites of television stations in Spain. In it, you can watch bullfights in the best quality for free. It should be noted that if you live in Madrid you can tune in to the channel TV for free.

On the other hand, if you want to watch bullfights online, you can access the official site of Tele Madrid, where you can access the best fairslive cumshots and much more!

8th Street TV

the street 8 tv fair of bulls

This is one of the pages for see bulls live recommended, since it allows access to a wide variety of channels where various contents are transmitted. This page gives users the opportunity to watch series, movies, documentaries or listen free music.

However, browsing this site can be somewhat upset if you do not have an adblock installed, since they contain some pop up. However, here you can access live content, as well as learn about the bullfighting schedule.

Undoubtedly, an option worth considering when it comes to seeing bulls live.

bull world

bull world

Mundo Toro is a well-known website in the world of bullfighting races, where bullfights are broadcast live, as well as quality content for bullfighting fans. In addition, you can see those runs that were left marked in historythanks to the great diversity of transmissions.

In this sense, here you can find information about the various farms popular within the fairs, as well as a blog with the most up-to-date news and the schedule of bullfights. It should be noted that this site is fully responsiveso you can watch bullfights live from your mobile.

Also, you can download, share or change the playback quality of the different transmissions.

Best applications to watch live bulls (Android)

IF what you are looking for is watch bullfights from mobile, without a doubt you should know the various applications that offer this content. Therefore, here we will leave you a list with the best apps to watch bulls live.


kodi bull channels

Kodi is an application that will allow you to tune into various types of content for free. To enjoy this application, you only have to install it on the mobile or on the Smart TV where you want to see the bullfights.

However, this application being Open Source, it may be that some of the channels that they transmit may disappear over time. But don't worry, this application is usually updated periodically, to provide the best experience to its users.

If you are considering installing this application, we recommend that you do from the official Kodi page.


wiseplay sire list

wiseplay It has become a very popular application in the world of multimedia content, since in it you can view different channels to watch movies, series or sports. That's why this is a excellent alternative to the pages to see bulls live.

One of the features of this appis that it has an extensive list with bullfights or bullfighting events, which can be played by users. It must be shamed that, although this app offers free contentthis is not entirely free,

If you want to access more information, Premium channels and 4k broadcasts, you must cancel a subscription.


Another of the most popular applications for watching live content is IPTVin this application you can find a wide infinity of channels, which cover all kinds of topics and are aimed at different users.

One of the positive aspects is that in this application you can tune in HD channels to see free online bullfighting. You can even watch the Movistar Plus channel totally free. Therefore, this is an excellent application that will help you not to miss any bullfight.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of watching bullfights online?

It is true that see bulls online us offers many advantages, since it allows lovers of this sport to enjoy the events anywhere, as well as relive the best moments of the bullfights. However, there are also certain disadvantages when using pages to see live bulls, but which are?

Next, I will leave you a list with the main advantages and disadvantages to use pages to see bulls live. Do not miss it!

Advantages of watching bulls online

  • Most sites are free
  • They allow you to save money
  • You can see bulls in any place and moment
  • Consult relevant information about events, bullfighters, etc.
  • Keep up to date with festivals and fairs

Disadvantages of watching bulls live

  • many of the pages They do not count with good links
  • the quality of image is low
  • Links are not stable
  • May contain excessive advertisements

Are free live bullfighting sites illegal?

All the pages that we mentioned before are totally legal to navigate and enjoy its content. However, what is not legal is to retransmit this type of content, since they have a rights license.

In case you want to use the pages to see bulls live for free, you should keep in mind that some of them are illegal in nature and may disappear over time. Since, broadcasting the content, they break the rules and they can be legally sanctioned.

However, if you want to watch boxing fights, you can use the pages that we mentioned in that article that are totally legal and live.

However, this only affects the owners of the website, so you should not worry about making use of these portals. In any case, the most memorable thing is that you subscribe to the paid bull channels, so you can enjoy these events in the Best Qualityavoiding interrupted transmissions.

Of course, the pages to see bulls live of official Spanish television channels, are totally legitimate and work legally. Therefore, they are also an excellent option to enjoy the best free online cumshots.

To conclude, all the sites that we mention in this article will be of great help to you to enjoy the live bulls. However, you must bear in mind that, to enjoy this content in high quality, you must have a good internet connection greater than 4 mbps.

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