Best Diskokosmiko Alternatives 2022

Websites dedicated to piracy they are highly volatile, one day we have them at our disposal and the next they have disappeared without a trace. This is the case of Diskokosmiko, a page known by many and that was forced to close. Why? Find out in this article!

Although his loss leaves a big void among users, there are still differences alternatives that put at our disposal some of the functions that this website had.

In this list, you will find the best alternatives to Diskokosmikotheir features and the advantage compared to the rest.

Before starting with the list, let's get to know a little about the history and the reasons for closure of this well-known website.

What is Diskokosmiko?

Diskokosmiko consisted of a service cloud storagethrough which you could backup your files In Internet. Software, images, videos, documents and everything you could have on your computer could be uploaded to this website.

It became known thanks to one of its characteristics, more specifically, that of the public files. Everything you uploaded to your cloud it could be seen by other users and you see the others.

For this reason, Diskokosmiko went from being a storage service to become one platform to download files all types.

With a broad community already formed, this page did nothing but grow and grow over the years, allowing access to movies, games, documentaries, anime and more in a free.

Why did Diskokosmiko close?

Unfortunately, not everything is rosy and the fact is that, despite its popularity, this website had to close. It all started with a temporary fall, in which it was commented that it would be solved soon. This never happened and the page He disappeared without leaving more information.

Since there isn't a official closing announcementthe little information that can be found is nothing more than speculations. Some say it was because of the traffic that the web could no longer support, while others indicate that it was blocked by authorities.

Regardless of the reason, the truth is that Diskokosmiko has closed and its users were left with nothing.

List of Best Diskokosmiko Alternatives for Cloud Storage

Now don't be sorry! In this top, we present you the best websites that they have cloud storage and they are used by many to share their files and download them.


Mega alternative Diskokosmiko

One of the services cloud storage best known is Mega. This platform is the preferred option of many download pages to share links.

Mega take advantage of all your broadband connection for to download files in no time. It also includes 50GB free storage and you can include files from other users in your cloud.

However, one of its biggest drawbacks is the download limit. Mega it only allows you to download a couple of gigs before pausing your download. This leaves us with two options, expect a specific time or hire one of their planswhich are:

  • Lite plan: €4.99 monthly, 400GB storage and 1TB transfer.
  • Pro plan I: €9.99 monthly, 2TB storage and transfer.
  • Pro Plan II: €19.99 monthly, with 8TB of storage and transfer.
  • Pro Plan III: €29.99 monthly, with 16TB storage and transfer.


Mediafire Diskokosmiko

Yes ok MediaFire not as popular as it was years ago, this service is one of the best currently available. Its age supports it and the number of users who today continue to share their files through the platform.

In addition to a web versionhas mobile apps. Standard storage space is 10GB and the maximum unloading weight is 4GB per file.

Nevertheless, MediaFire offers us some options to expand our account through a task and reward system. Sharing your website on Facebookin Twitter either installing the app on mobile, your storage space will increase.

Also, it has some Payment plansthese are:

  • Pro Plan: €5 monthly for 1TB storage and download individual files up to 20GB.
  • Business plan: €50 monthly and 100TB storage that can be shared between 100 users.


Alternative Diskokosmiko

Similar to Diskokosmiko, Ulož.to allows us upload content to the cloud Y to share download links with other people. Their service is available at all times and is compatible with any type of file.

Thanks to its simple interface, getting files won't take more than a few seconds. Also, one of its best features is that it does not have limitsnor of storage nor of download.

For this reason, we can to download Y store on the cloud as many files as we want without major complications.

It should be noted that it has Applications for Android and iOSso you can access the files from the comfort of your mobile.

drop box

Download Diskokosmiko files

drop box is our last option Diskokosmiko alternative for cloud storage. This service is used at professional to share files between companies and users.

The minimalism of its interface and its simple colors give it a great comfort to use it. It has various planssuch as:

  • BASIC: The most basic plan is free of charge. It is available for a single user Y 2GB of storage.
  • Professional: Recommended for growing workers. By €16 monthly includes 3TB storage for an user.
  • standard: Recommended for growing teams. paying €12 monthly for each useroffers 5TB storage and capacity more than 3 users.
  • Advanced: This plan is recommended for complex teams of worked. With a cost of €20 monthly, offers a unlimited space of storage and capacity for three users or more.

Diskokosmiko alternatives to download files

Since we have seen some services of cloud storagewe'll see pages who take advantage of them to download files.

mega movies

movies download diskokosmiko

This website is specialized in sharing films new to download by Mega. It has different languages, whether you prefer to enjoy the original version with subtitles or in Spanish.

Its interface is simple and with its search bar you can quickly find any movie that has come out in the last few years.

Count with one Catalogue where can you find the latest additionssa page and another section for series.


series download

This website is the best Diskokosmiko alternative for series. Here you can find the latest episodes of the current series, complete seasons of old series and more.

It has a series of labels related to the gender. This is very useful if you do not know what to see, as you will have a list of varied recommendations.

On its main page, you will find the most downloaded seriesthe top rated and the most recent additions of the page.


books download

Lots of files stored in Diskokosmiko were books. If you enjoy reading and want a page to download them in PDFthis page is ideal for you.

BooksPDF has thousands of titles available, with translation in Spanish and ordered by category. All books are available for to download through Mega Y MediaFireso you can choose the platform you prefer.

If you can't find the book you're looking for, the website has a section where you can apply for the title you want. Also, it contains a email subscription so that you can receive the news that is uploaded daily.


To end the list of download sites alternatives to Diskokosmikowe have anime4mega. This page contains anime of all kinds, both series and movies.

All content is available for download at Megain different languages and in very good quality.

In the same way as the previous website, it has a section for request content if it is not available on the page.


With this we are done, we hope that our guide on Diskokosmiko alternatives be of help to you. If you are interested in more content, you can continue browsing here on TechnoGuides.

Frequent questions

If you have any questions, you may find in this section the response.

How to exceed the Mega limit?

The mega download limit is a common problem among all users, however, there are two ways to fix it. One is available at computers and the other for mobile devices.

To exceed the quota on a computer, you need to download the program MegaBastered. It is available for Linux, macOS Y Windows. After registering with your account Mega in the browser, the program will start downloading whatever link you select.

On mobile devices, you will need to download the mega app and a vpn; we recommend you flashvpn.

Once the message appears download limityou should pause the download Y turn on the VPN. When you resume the transfer, the file will continue to download.

What is the best Diskokosmiko alternative?

If you are looking for cloud storage, the option offered more free storageit is Mega. Also, with the methods mentioned above, you will have unlimited downloads.

At the other extreme, if you're looking for something more professionalthe best option is drop box.

Is it safe to use cloud storage?

Yes, all cloud services encrypt your files and protect them from strangers unless you decide to share them. All devices have some service of this nature, such as google drive in Android Y OneDrive in Windows.

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