Avakin Life Hack: Free Avacoins and Gems Generator 2022

One of the most popular games of 2022 is Avakin Life, a game similar to Second Life where players can interact with other people and customize their character to their liking. In this article we will teach you how to get Avacoins and Unlimited Free Gems so you can unlock all the items in the game.

If we want to be the most popular and cool players, it is important that we wear the best outfits, because we are going to attract admiration and fame within Avakin Life.

Currently the only way to get Avacoins or coins is by buying them in the store or by participating in events and spins. But today there is a hack for Avakin Life called avacoins and gems generatorwhich is what we will talk about in this article.

Avakin Life is an extremely entertaining and realistic virtual world where you can build the life you've always dreamed of: customize your avatar with the latest trends, decorate your own apartments, explore all the social spaces and meet real people from all over the world.

avakin life coins

The reason why this 3D game has become so popular in the last year is for a very obvious reason, the pandemic has made many people stay at home and unable to relate to each other, Avakin Life has made it easier. Social relationships from the comfort of your home.

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Due to this popularity, more and more people want get free Avacoins to be able to customize your avatar to your liking, without spending any money. Continue reading and we will explain everything you need to know in this updated guide on JuneJuly of 2022.

Tips to get free Avacoins

Next we will show you the best real ways to get coins, Avacoins and gems in Avakin Life totally free and legal.

First of all, you should know that one of the easiest ways is to participate in spins or events, but we have a gift of 30,000 coins for you.

Get 30,000 Avacoins as a gift

However, many developers have created tools to make it easier to get unlimited Avacoins, we are talking about the avacoin generators and gems, which allow you to obtain free resources.

If you want to use a coin generator updated, continue reading this article and we will explain how you can use it and some alternatives.

Avacoins and gems generator for Avakin Life

Use the coin generator (Avacoins) for Avakin Life is a completely legal method that will allow you to instantly get an unlimited amount of coins without the need to install any mods.

This tool works by connecting to the game servers and is totally sure for your account, just follow a few simple steps to use the online generator.

avakin life avacoins generator

Steps to use the online generator

You should know that there is a limit to the use of the generator, and that is that you can only use it once every 24hbut this is not a problem, since you will have an unlimited amount of gems and avacoins.

The best way to use it is through your phone, as it is designed to work better on mobile devices. The steps to follow are simple and are as follows.

  1. Enter your username
  2. Select the platform
  3. Choose the amount of Avacoins and Gems
  4. Click on generate!
Generator of Avacoins and Gems for Avakin Life

Hack of coins and gems in Avakin Life

On the internet you can find different tricks to Avakin Life Hackbut you must be careful with the sites that ask you to enter personal data, it is important that you are careful not to fall into any trap.

There are users who have created programs to do certain tasks automatically, these programs help you get more coins or avacoins in the game.

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This type of hacks Avakin Life does not recommend them, as your account could be permanently penalized for using unauthorized software.

But if you are looking for an alternative to a hack to get Avacoins unlimited below we explain what are the mods or modified applications that allow you to have a menu with different functions.

Avakin Life Mod Menu APK latest version 2022

A mod menu is a modified app or game that allows you to unlock special features not available in the original game. This gives us a great advantage, since we have a hack menu where we can customize and activate all the features in the game.

avakin life mod apk

Avakin Life Mod Menu APK, is available for download on Android devices and is totally safe, since there is no way to be penalized for using this application. We recommend that you try it, the best of all is that you will have two versions of Avakin Life installed on your smartphone and you can use the one you want at any time.

Download Avakin Life Mod Menu APK 2022

You can download the latest version of the APK from TecnoGuias, and install it by following the instructions below:

  • Download the APKs from TecnoGuias
  • In settings, turn on allow APKs from unknown sources.
  • Install the app and open it.

Because this menu mod is not available in the Play Store, you need to activate the necessary permissions so that you can install the .APK file on your mobile, allowing applications from unknown sources, but it is totally safe.

How to earn unlimited money on Avakin Life?

As we have mentioned before, there are several ways to get money in Avakin Life, the most "honest" options consist of playing the game as you would normally, but apart from it generator and mod menu apk, there are some guidelines to speed up this process by playing.

As you know within the game there are different businesses to earn a living, if you put effort and effort you can earn a good amount of money and coins in the game. But if what you are looking for is to get limited money then the only options are the ones we have taught you in this article.

Tips to earn EXP and Avacoins

Here is a list of the ways you have to earn EXP and Avacoins in Avakin Lifeis a list of tasks with which you can get rewards.

  • chat: You get 10 EXP once you make a comment and you can repeat up to about 20 times.
  • Collect diamonds from your own apartment: collect 10 diamonds per apartment and you will get 20 EXP each if you collect them all.
  • Become a waiter at work.- You will get 10 EXP for each menu sold.
  • Take care of Petkin: You will get 50 EXP every time you try and the total you can get in one day is 100 EXP.
  • Give other people's apartment ratings.
  • Diving in a pool or lake.- You will get 15 EXP per day.
  • Take pictures: You will get 15 EXP per day.
  • Buy food or drink at work.- The amount of EXP earned depends on the menu purchased.
  • Invite friends to your apartment. You will get 20 EXP for each friend who visits you.
  • Qualify your house to get Avacoins: In Avakin Life, you build and live in a house that you can then classify.
  • Select the high paying jobs
  • Shop Clothes, Animations, Furniture, Petkin, and Apartments at the shops: you can buy something in the shop to get EXP.
  • Create a look amazing
  • Getting Married at Herington Hall

List of redemption codes for Avakin Life 2022

If you want to receive a higher amount of coins, you can use one of the updated and working codes for Avakin Life. These redemption codes provide you with an additional discount if you want to buy Avacoins and gems in the game.

They are usually only available for a limited time, and are posted on Avakin Life social media. In TecnoGuias we have compiled some and we will update them when we have new ones.

Code Discount
AVAKIN22 30%
25AVAKIN 25000 coins
LIFE50 fifty%
AV2X1 2×1

You can watch out for Avakin Life Social Media To see if there are new codes or promotions, we recommend that you follow them to the following social networks below.

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